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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jesus gets Smicha and a Hechsher from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Posted by Jewish Israel

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and others came back utterly intoxicated by the recent CUFI Summit. While recapping what it was like to be "surrounded" by "five thousand Christian lovers of Israel", Rabbi Boteach took the opportunity to introduce his upcoming book, "Kosher Jesus".

Jewish Israel takes a look at Rabbi Boteach's interfaith theological exploits and some reactions to his ordination (christening?) of "Rabbi Jesus".

Is this where unchecked Jewish-Christian relations are leading us?...more


David Tzohar said...

There is a fine line between accepting moral and financial support from Christians (which I support) and giving credence to Christian theology (which I deplore) Giving a hechsher to oto haish YShV or calling him "Rabbi" Gd forbid is crossing that line. Rav Riskin along with Shmueli Boteach have gone too far. It is a shame that R'Riskin with all of his zechuyot in aliyah and hityashvutis falling into this trap of chillul Hashem. BTW didn't Shiloh accept money from Evangelicals for development and building including batei knesset?

Batya said...

First, Ellen, thanks for posting this. I appreciate your including Shiloh Musings among the media of Jewish Israel.

Second, David, The fundraising organization using the name "Shiloh" is private. Rav Elchanan Bin-Nun doesn't allow the Christians to be in or involved with the synagogues.
Money does blind people; Jewish community leaders and rabbis aren't immune.

From what I know of Boteach, he's a media guy, knows how to attract attention and celebrities.

Shiloh said...

I have not posted on this blog for a long time due to unfounded loshon hara and ad hominem slander from some very uninformed Jews.

I have experience with Rabbi Boteach and it was not positive. But that does not slant my view of him writting a book, that in all honesty I probably will never read. But Jews are so incredibly uninformed about the historical Jew, maybe for very good reason. I have researched who this guy actually was for over 10 years now.

He was a Torah observant Jew who taught for Jews to return to the Torah of Moshe. He was very critical of the takanot of the rabbi's that has been for the most part successfully hidden from the goyim and Jews. He told his followers to strictly follow the Torah of Moshe and NOT the takanot of the Pharisees. Now what we call Orthodox rabbi's. This is the real reason for the rabbinical hatred and truthfully guilt of a huge mistake in not listening to someone, 2000 years of exile are resulting.

There are prophecies that NO OTHER Jew can ever fulfill, so much so that Rabbi Tovia Singer had to say that Daniel was wrong in speaking of specific historical proven archeological dates relating to Daniel 9:24-27. His best defence is that Daniel is wrong. Amazing ignorance.

I am fully aware of what some of our highly respected Orthodox rabbi's say about him BEHIND closed doors. IT IS NOT NEGATIVE.

Just because the goyim have taken our own Jew who tried to warn us about certain things, does not give us any reason to slander him. He has zero to do with xtianity personally. The Jews today who follow his teachings the closest are the Karaites, whom mostly don't recognise him as much more then a Torah teacher at best and ignorantly slander him like the rest.

It's about time that we wake up to the real causes of anti-semetism. The real reasons we are about to loose Judea and Samaria, God forbid, and the real reason haShem keeps His distance.

Sadly the game is rigged, and all we know how to do is personally attack anyone who does not follow the sheep going the slaughter.

There is reincarnation folks, and you ain't going to like it. Take it to the bank and just deal with it. The rabbi's are fully aware of this simple fact.

Batya said...

s, I'm not getting dragged in to an argument.

I support and agree with Jewish Israel and am very happy that their articles are posted here.

Shy Guy said...

Shiloh, you a messyanic sheigetz, spit your dead pagan man-god jesus on a stick rot out somewhere else.

The jesus mentioned in the Talmud was no rabbi, no scholar and not a Torah observer.

The jesus of the NT is the fairy tales of folks in Rome who had too much time on their hands over the 250+ years they had to pick and choose between 1000s of conflicting manuscripts and then try to sew the selected remnants together.

You and your beliefs are nothing more than the forerunner to today's Scientology. Which is the stupider belief? Flip a coin.

ellen said...

Shy Guy,
You have a way with words.
Let's be civil about this...

It's true, Batya. Seems Shiloh is of the messianic Christian missionary persuasion.

game over.

Batya said...

Shy, I agree with Ellen, that's some "poem."

Shiloh said...

The best you can do is slander.

I certainly don't agree with the messianics as they follow a highly paganized man-god. They themselves don't follow the historical Jew. Their schtick is becoming unravelled, as is the xtian version. All that will be left in the wash is Torah, you all have such trouble accepting this. You can even use a Jewish Source, called Evan Bokan, available right here in the Hebrew University Library. See what he taught. You will be suprised that he taught Torah of Moshe. He warned Jews to stay away from rabbinical takanot but only listen to Moshe (You know, the one you claim to follow, but really don't), See Isaiah 29:13

You all simply cannot research the facts of a historical Jew who taught Torah to Jews. Slander the xtian jesus all you wish, who is nothing more then a idol image man-god of an actual Torah observant Jew. Since you cannot get past the Great Lie, ignorance prevails every time.

Dispute with facts, problem is you can't, neither can the rabbi's nor the so called experts like Tovia Singer who claims Daniel is wrong but are afraid to speak the truth as they too lead the Jews astray.

"B", got your bags packed yet? Looks like you are about to get vomited out of our land. Interesting.

Shy Guy, So following the Torah is incorrect and anyone who teaches such is crazy? Interesting take. I prefer not to say haShem commanded us to do something when He never did, sort of like adding to the Torah. You know, we get punished severely according to the Torah when we add, even via the rabbi's. You surely set a great example of what a 'religious' Jew acts like, well maybe those the Talmud describes, na, silly thought.

Miss Ellen, slander instead of proving what I say wrong. This is becoming of a Jewess who claims to follow the Torah. Hmmm, interesting take.

So when you study, truly study then you can make an educated stance on the issue. It's fear and ignorance that keeps people away. I think it say's somewhere, maybe even the Rambam talks about it, but a wise man learns from everyone. Guess wisdom does not go so far now adays.

Batya said...

s, one thing I will say is that you don't have a direct line to G-d. I'm not fleeing and don't expect to have to. G-d had the earth swallow Korach and his followers, He is not cooperating with our enemies, Baruch Hashem.

Shiloh said...

'b' just like Gush Katif, hmm.

'b' just use facts.

No respect 'b'. Simple. Measure for measure, you will see.

Anonymous said...

I have read most holy books, and because I am outside of religion I don't have to get heated or upset. I like the red words in the New Testament they fit with the Targums and I think Jesusi f read in his own historical and cultural context has nothing to do with Christianity, neither has Paul for that matter. I like the way he lives out Torah and that you are given free reign to take or leave him, unlike Islam. I like the way he repairs the individual and the ensuing hunger to understand more Torah; he demands searching the TNK. And as for a burnt offering on a stick, been done already. He's a struggle to read, but worth the time and trouble.

Now to R S Boteach, I read Kosher Sex and it was a good read, didn't really discover anything new, but he does read easily.

And yes, stay nice. I came upon this site by accident, it's a nice site kate b

Akiva Powers said...

I'm very interested in your statement that Singer said that Daniel is wrong in 9:24-27. Could you please provide me a link or a quote? Thanks.

Shy Guy said...

Batya said...

Shy, I agree with Ellen, that's some "poem."


Perhaps we may call it "An Ode to Primitive Christian Paganism."

Yonatan said...

Shiloh, as far as I can see, the lack of respect is coming directly from you. Somehow you feel the need to a Jewish blog and spout your beliefs and have the gall to tell the blog owner that she is about to get vomited from the land. Chutzpah! It's a shame you didn't stay away.

Akiva Powers said...

Did Shiloh disappear?