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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waiting For A Train in Jerusalem

Jerusalem residents and those of us who are in Israel's Capitol for work, study, business etc. have been waiting very impatiently for that lightrail train to allow ordinary people to board and ride it.  Yesterday when I was schlepping heavy bags from Machane Yehuda Market all the way to the bus station, I looked yearningly at the tracks parallel to my path.

It seemed rather surreal to already see people sitting at the train stops, as though the train was about to arrive and let them on.  Did they know something I didn't know?

Even though, as a vattica, "senior citizen," bus fare is very cheap, I didn't feel like going to Agrippas Street for the bus.  I had my heavy carefully divided between my backpack and two sturdy bags.  It's not all that far between the market and the bus station.  I survived the walk perfectly fine.  But it would have had been nice to have taken the train...

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