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Monday, August 16, 2010

Zionist Renewal

My dear friend Isramom sent a very inspiring video out to friends.  I trust that she'll, too, be blogging about it and explaining her connection.  You can probably connect the dots if you look at her gorgeous blog banner.

The younger generation of דתי לאומי dati le'umi, national religious Israeli Jews are doing amazing things all over Israel.  They have taken up the challenge of Zionism today and have the idealism and creativity of the very early Zionists who had left Europe, poverty, universities, great cities, and frequently traditional Jewish Life etc to reconnect with our historic Homeland building and planting.  They thought that they needed to be "new Jews" and tried to replace Torah adherence and Jewish Law with a socialist "Utopian" Zionism.  A large proportion of their descendants now feel disconnected, disengaged from that very Land.

Davka, it's the religious Israeli youth who are the new pioneers.  They embrace both the Torah and the Holy Land.  They're planting a newer and better Zionism with strong roots. 

Without celebrating our Torah and ancient Biblical history, our country will wither like the descendants of the early secular Zionists.

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