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Monday, August 30, 2010

Abbas Isn't Negotiating for Peace

The "PA" whatever you want to call him,  Mahmoud Abbas, was just on the IBA and said very clearly that he's going to U.S. President Obama in Washington DC to "negotiate the end of the occupation."  Peace isn't on the menu.

Read his lips.

Abbas, in a televised speech on Sunday night, expressed hope that the Palestinians would find a partner in Israel “that would be capable of making major and responsible decisions to end the occupation and ensure real security for both Israelis and Palestinians.”
Abbas noted that the Quartet statement had “stressed the need to end the occupation that began in 1967, including that of east Jerusalem.” (complete article)


Anonymous said...

Abbas is negotiating for piece.

Batya said...

a piece of...?

yoni said...

abbas doesn't represent any arabs ideoligically or even legally. he is a pawn of the e.u./quartet/u.n./us just as his own people say. he DOES represent certain economic interests which the israeli gov't and the aforementioned powers are trying desperately to nurture and support, but whether this has anything to do with "peace" is highly doubtful. obama's decision to drag him to the table before sept.26 (the hopeful end of the "settlement building freeze") is a desperate gamble on the part of the american administration, imo, unless they've already cut a deal under the table- and i shudder to think what it might be.

Batya said...

yoni, frightening scenario.