Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Testing? And Now From the North...

Were the two attacks coordinated, the katyushas on Eilat and the and now the fatal one from the Lebanese on Israeli border troops?

"A senior American official in Washington said that, based on what had been learned so far, the Lebanese military appeared to have been responsible for starting the gunfire."  (complete article)

Actually, there was another recent one, on Ashkelon making making it three Arab attacks on Israel in less than a week.

Where's Israel's response?

Do you hear or see anything in the news?

Are foreign "peace-loving" diplomats, the United Nations or the United States defending Israel and condemning the attacks?

Does anyone see a dangerous pattern here?

What's next?


Sammy Finkelman said...

BM> What's next?

I read there are rumors in Lebanon that there will be a war in September.

It is possible that earlier they wanted a war and this just is old orders. Or this is just the beginning. The goal would be to make anything big look like an escalation rather than just something out of the blue.

They may be waiting for Mubarek to die or resign and be replaced by a Moslem brotherhood affiliated army coup. If that's the case they may have to wait longer than they anticipate. These things never happen so fast.

Batya said...

We were here in Israel before the YOm Kippur War. That war started very quickly, no warning.

Keli Ata said...

These are warning shots of what's to come in the near future. Too many attacks in far too short of period. These are the opening salvos.

OT: I was watching a Sderot Media Center video the other day. One of the comments on it was that the government won't take any action until and unless there's a major incident with mass Israeli casualties (for example a mall bombed with hundreds dead, a strike on a nursing home or school with multiple casualties).

G-d help Israel if that's what the government is waiting for!

Batya said...

Yes, Keli, this is very worrying.