Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Israel's Children of Illegals, Nu... What do Other Countries Do?

Israel's consistently hypocritical Loony-Left and media have been so concerned about the children of illegal workers, while they never cared about the children of Gush Katif and northern Shomrom who were thrown out of their homes due to Disengagement.  Most of these children were born in Israel, are fluent in Hebrew and know no other country.  They are not Israeli citizens.  According to Israeli Law, they must be deported with their parents.  Like many other countries, it takes more than a local birth certificate to be an official Israeli citizen.

Every country with illegal workers has to deal with this sort of dilemma.  In the United States it's even more complicated, since birth in the United States makes someone a citizen.  In the USA, citizen children may remain, but their parents will be deported.  We all know that illegal workers don't take a vow of celibacy, so wherever you have illegal workers there will be children.

Switzerland, like Israel, doesn't automatically confer citizenship on locally born babies.  There the problem is more of education and opportunities, because from the age of sixteen, the children of illegal immigrants are no longer accepted in the schools.  This creates an "underclass."

In Israel it's much more complicated, because Israel is a Jewish country.  Judaism is the only religion which is also a nationality. 

We must do what's best for us as Jews and not imitate others nor follow their concepts of morality.  The true meaning of our being "a light onto all nations" is to be a "sun" not a "moon." The sun has its own light source, while the moon just reflects light from the sun.


Keli Ata said...

Batya: That last paragraph about the moon and sun was incredibly beautiful!

As for the matter of the children a lot of people have the impression that the children are being deported and their parents are staying. I don't think that's the case at all. No decent parent would part from their children.

If the kids go, the parents will most likely go with them.

Personally, I see this immigration issue as a gateway to pushing for Arabs to have a right of return. It's a slippery slope.

If one could go to Israel on a work or tourist VISA and not leave and then expect Israeli citizenship I'd be there ASAP. Four day vacation that never ends lol.

Not really. I am law-abiding. I'd hate for my first act in Israel to be breaking the law.

That would never happen.

All things said, though, the signs the kids are carrying saying, "Don't deport us. We are born here. Hebrew is our language" is very sad.

It brings back memories of Baby M in the US in the 80s. Adopted to a family, lived with them for 3 years, but was wrenched away from the only parents she had ever known when the father said he never gave consent for the adoption.

Apples and oranges but the image of that toddler crying her heart out in the car...it's something hard to forget. I see these kids on the plane crying like that.

Curse the parents for keeping them in Israel for so long when they weren't citizens!

Batya said...

Anyone who can prove they are JEwish can be a legal citizen here. This is really an international problem and not new at all.

Keli Ata said...

What we're seeing here in Mexico has gotten so far out of hand it's scary.

If they wan't to become Americans they're more than welcome to do it legally. Ah, but doing it legally means they'd have to have a sponsor, undergo a criminal background check, limit themselves to only three months of public assistance.

No criminal background checks. Lord knows who and what is crossing our southern border!

Keli Ata said...

I recall reading a while back that Israel should take in some of the starving people from Darfur.

A compassionate thing to do, but can you imagine the anguish they'd experience once they'd be force to leave after living in a modern country like Israel?

Batya said...

When Menachem Begin was PM, Israel took Vietnamese "boat people" rescuing them from death. They have legal rights etc.

But today the numbers of illegals and their children are dangerous. It's a whold sub-culture, slums and all.