Thursday, August 19, 2010

PR, Rebranding. Will They Show Them the Beach?

Israel's Foreign Ministry's latest scheme to make the world love us is to "charm" the biggie bloggers and social media giants.  Are we tooth paste to be marketed like that?

Just like all the other schemes in the past, it won't work. 

  • Our universities promote antizionists who are constantly publicizing our faults, imagined and real. 
  • Our media is enamoured with our enemies. 
  • Our politicians are too busy attacking the government, even when abroad, rather than making things better.
According to Jewish Law, the first words out of our mouths every morning when we wake up are supposed to be the מודה אני Modeh Ani, "I Thank" prayer.

  • There should be scholarships donated to academics who write good things about our country, Land and People.
  • The news should open and end with something that shows our country, Land and People in a good light.
  • Politicians should be legally penalized for joining our enemies and criticizing the country, Land and People when abroad.
Let's start with that.  It's  a lot less expensive than the government's plan.


yoni said...

"Are we tooth paste to be marketed like that?"


Batya said...

Yoni, they're trying to squeeze us into a corner...

yoni said...


Keli Ata said...


The first link Batya posted is definitely worth reading (warning: it links to Haaretz).

This isn't about increasing tourism at all or genuine positive and truthful PR for Israel.

Pro government PR. These big blogs and outlets will take the perks and continue writing with either a government spin or continue with their biases, inserting bits of experience in Israel after the government gives them a free trip.

(Sorry my comment isn't cute as the toothpaste exchange lol).

Shabbat Shalom

Batya said...

I guess you don't remember, but I used the Toothpaste analogy before.
They're on the wrong track, but they keep getting paid. Maybe I'm the fool.