Monday, August 30, 2010

Bible Learning/Study

Two years ago I treated myself to a fantastic course at Matan.  It was a Bible study and touring course.  Each month there would be two shiurim (classes) about one of the prophets and his time and a tour of the places he lived and prophesied in.  Last year, because my very elderly father was living with us, I couldn't sign up for any course, since leaving home was complicated.  He couldn't be left alone.

This year I've promised myself that, besides finding and working at some sort of part-time job, I'll again study at Matan.  Now I've been going to their Elul Program and plan on dedicating one morning a week to classes, but in addition, I want to sign up for their interactive internet Bible study course called "Al haPerek."  It's totally new and will be bilingual, the same material and questions in both Hebrew and English.  It's designed as a home study program for those who can't get out, live far from Jerusalem, even abroad and can study "alone."  But it's also suitable for small chevruta (partner) studying or in small or even large groups.

Yesterday after my Elul classes in Matan I spoke to founder Malke Bina about how Matan is taking advantage of the internet to make it easier for women to study.  That's how this new Al haPerek course was conceived.  So, I have this idea, and maybe some of you wherever you are want to do it with me.  We can be email/phone/f2f study partners.  If you register for the course and want to study with me like that please let me know and indicate it when registering.

I find this very exciting!


Risa Tzohar said...

I just wrote to them to send me more info.

Batya said...

Great, I'm sure you'll like it! We can study together.