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Monday, August 23, 2010

Counter Missionaries Unite and Launch Jewish Isaiah 53.com

Posted by Jewish Israel

In a stunning show of unity, counter-missionary professionals from across the globe, and representing a number of organizations, have joined forces to offer a creative and pro-active response to recent missionary campaigns which have been targeting the Jewish people for conversion.

Jewish Isaiah 53.com went live in the early hours of the morning and offers a direct and comprehensive response to aggressive and virulent campaigns like that launched by the missionary organization Chosen People Ministries, which targeted Jews throughout the New York area this summer.

Isaiah 53 is frequently used by Christian missionaries to try and prove to Jews that the chapter’s “suffering servant” is in reference to jesus. Those Jews identifying with their people and sensitized to Jewish history are, and always have been, impervious to this Christian theological spin. However, at present, a number of our people are spiritually floundering, and have forgotten who they are.

The launching of Jewish Isaiah 53.com is an unprecedented effort to clarify matters for those who are confused, and to educate and strengthen those who are actively trying to bring our people home to the G-d of truth.

Articles, commentaries and recordings by leading Jewish scholars, rabbis, and counselors in the counter-missionary field are featured at Jewish Isaiah 53. The currently featured professionals are (in alphabetical order):

Rabbi Eli Cohen, Rabbi Stuart Federow, Asher Norman, Rabbi Moshe Shulman, Rabbi Tovia Singer, Rabbi Michael Skobac, Penina Taylor, and Uri Yosef

Jewish Isaiah 53.com does not represent or stand for any particular organization. The site is a work in progress and many other counter-missionary professionals from a number of organizations worked behind the scenes to actualize this endeavor. Visitors to the site should look forward to future commentary and content from additional scholars.

Jewish Israel is honored to have been a part of this project from its inception and to have contributed the site’s banner.

The webmaster of the site is Moshe Verschleisser and inquiries may be sent to info@jewishisaiah53.com

We hope and pray that Jewish Isaiah 53.com will prove to be a guiding light for the lost among our people, and will serve as a beacon of truth to inquiring souls among the nations...more


Keli Ata said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!!!!!!

ellen said...

Keli Ata,
It is wonderful and it should be a great resource for those who are searching for truth. Having reliable sources all under one umbrella who appeal to the intellectual, spiritual and emotional is really an ideal presentation. Long overdue.

Anonymous said...

It seems that it's only a compilation of pre-existing articles/mp3's, not a new collaboration.

The bio for Tovia Singer is also inaccurate as he's no longer doing his radio show.

Anonymous said...

The point of the article seems to be that scholars and professionals from different organizations have gotten together to share their material and information, and make it accessible under one roof - that is a new collaboration. It seems other experts will be submitting material in the future.

What negativity school did you graduate from?

Keli Ata said...

The genius of the new web site is that it is both scholarly and clear and easy to comprehend.

I don't think one counter missionary would be able to achieve that balance, so this site is unique in that regard.

I don't know how they managed that, but I have read several of the articles already and have been very impressed.

BTW, the web design is beautiful.

This is about saving Jewish souls so there is no place for negative comments. This is holy work.

yoni said...

the web design is indeed marvelous, and the intentions honorable. for someone like me, who doesn't need to be convinced that the christian interpretation of isaiah 53 is shtuyot, it just serves as a reminder that most of us (yeshiva educated orthodox jews) know next to nothing about n"ach, and for those of us that do, the rabbinical commentaries with their mutually exclusive explanations are more confusing than enlightening. which may be why they don't teach n'ach in yeshivot. :(

Anonymous said...


Apparently I graduated from the school of higher expectations.

I anticipated the collaboration to mean these men working together, much as master/celebrity chef's would to, not only open a new restaurant where people could come and be nourished, but that the patrons be exposed to a fusion of flavors developed by the chefs.

As it was, I found only a 'food court' where each chef is represented by a franchise of their anchor restaurant.

So basically, the new site is just a portal/link back to their old material on their own site... which anyone can find via a quick search. Again, not so much a collaboration as a compilation.

You really should raise your expectations.

Anonymous said...

Portals are a great thing. They
present information from diverse sources in a unified way and save a lot of search time.

The post mentions that the new site is a "work in progress" and there seems to be an up and coming blog associated with the site.
So it's likely that your discerning palate will get a "fusion of flavors" in the near future - unless you're a messianic missionary type (are you, Anonymous?)

So, based on the majority of comments here, expectations seem to be high.

There's a lot of potential here.

Anonymous said...

Blog... whoo-hoo... that means one of the 'chef's will set up a work station in the middle of the food court and demonstrate how he makes his signature dish being sold mere yards away. Can't contain my enthusiasm (nor my sarcasm for that matter).

If this were a Jr. High project, then yeah, dishes/recipes from Betty Crocker cookbooks are to be expected and appreciated for the intent. But this was marketed as so much more.... and delivers so much less.

Are you the host/creator of Isaiah53.com incognito so you can defend the intent of the site as a parent would their child's first recital?

If they have the truth, shouldn't all be welcome? I saw the grand opening sign and ventured in... was disappointed at what I saw compared to what was promised and voiced as much. If you're promised a grand collaboration and get a superficial business venture, promised a fresh new menu and instead are served cold leftovers and you're happy with that, okay... I feel badly for you, but okay.

As I said before, you really should raise your expectations. The only potential that's there currently, is missed potential.

ellen said...

I'm not sure what all the anonymous cooking and chef talk has to do with Isaiah 53, but I think I'll grab a midnight snack - better yet, maybe I'll download and watch "Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe" (it's less fattening).

Anonymous said...

Ellen, lol...check out Proverbs 9:1-6 (but dinner and a movie do sound good!)

Aaron Trank said...

I visited the website and there doesn't seem to be much content, but I have had much debate with Rabbi Eli Cohen via Youtube over the issue. I still believe that Isaiah 53 refers to the promised Jewish Messiah, and I still believe that Jesus fulfills the prophecy!