Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Not For Sale!

Every time I read about "financial compensation for the building freeze" my blood boils.  It's not about money.  Why should the Left, the media and the government think they can buy people off?  Granted that the building freeze has had a financial cost to many people and businesses, but that isn't the main problem with it.

Just like money can't compensate someone for loss of life, home etc.  Money can't substitute for time lost nor delegitimization of sovereignty.

I live in Shiloh because it is a Jewish historical site in the Jewish Land.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call for a Jewish only building freeze was not only immorally discriminatory against Jewish Israelis, it delegitimizes the entire State of Israel.  If Jews can't live freely in Shiloh, what right do we have to live in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Beer Sheva?

And for the families who planned on building during the ten months, time was stolen from them.  How do you replace time even if the government completely lifts the siege against construction 100%?

Where is the logic behind the rabid destruction of Jewish buildings?  Does the state or innocent Israelis have no other enemies than the G-d fearing patriotic Jews who built the homes and synagogue Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered destroyed?

We didn't move to Shiloh to take advantage of any financial advantages that were then offered, just like we didn't make aliyah to the Land of Israel for the inexpensive boat ride.

No money can compensate for discriminatory anti-Jewish policies.  I'm not for sale!


Yonatan said...

Even if you were for sale, which I'm sure that you are not, thank G-d, how well did that "payoff" work for our brothers & sisters in Gush Katif? Aren't they still waiting for the promises to be delivered upon?

Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

The money made life more complicated, especially because most weren't in any position to build or buy new homes. Only the few who moved to Judea and Samaria could get on quickly with their lives.

Keli Ata said...

The government knows it can never compensate people for uprooting them from their communities. They offer the financial compensation for a couple of reasons--

1. to wave their hands before the press and world as if they're guilt free of any wrong-doing.

2. they try to assure Jews abroad that the victims are being taken care of. Trust me, the Jewish Federation where I live played that up big in the media in editorial after editorial.

3. they later portray those who accept the money as greedy and only out for money. In other words, the victims sold themselves out . NOT true, but it gets twisted to sound like that.

OT but for the most part what coverage I saw of Gush Katif has been on the small screen on You Tube.

Seeing it on television a while back was another story; seeing just how many soldiers marched through the streets to yank people out of their homes and on to buses was alarming. Something right out of a 1939 German newsreel.

Put it in black and white and it would be identical:(

Batya said...

Keli, the money business is worse than that. For many years they claimed that people had easier lives on yishuvim, getting homes for free etc and other lies. They want us to look like them, immoral money-grubbers.

Hadassa said...

The building freeze is the government's way of testing us. Applying for compensation was a bad idea. It tells the government that deals can be made.

Yonatan, ah... The Gush Katif payoff. The government did something very interesting. At a time when many newspaper articles were bemoaning the status of agriculture in Israel, the government destroyed Gush Katif and piled up bureaucracy, including under compensation and not providing agricultural land, for the growers who wanted to rebuild their farms. Business owners of all types were shafted because of the appraising methods the government used.
However... read and weep...

Five years later the Israeli government is rebuilding greenhouses in Gush Katif, for the Arabs who destroyed the ones left behind for them. And the Jews are lobbying for the government to implement the policies that it has decided on now after the investigatory committee published its findings on how the government hasn't kept its agreements for the past five years.

Keli, The Marker, an Israeli financial magazine, published an article a few months ago about how the expellees are using their compensation money for slick real estate deals. The reality is that about half of the the expellees are using their compensation money for daily expenses. For them, building a basic house is an impossibility under the current conditions. The Stormtrooper black uniforms the Specials Forces wore were definitely intentional.

Batya said...

Thanks for your input, Hadassa. I appreciate it. It was total insanity, unbridled hatred, for the government to destroy such commercially successful agriculture.

Hadassa said...

I had a small, but significant, slip in my previous comment. It's the US government, not the Israeli government throwing good money after bad for the Arabs' greenhouses.
After the expulsion from Yamit (Sinai) the US government heavily funded compensation for the residents. Then PM Begin hassled no-one over compensation and in fact encouraged the expelled to live in Gush Katif. Any US "guarantees" - not that I'm in favor of them - for funding compensation for GK expellees were voided by the expenses after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, on the day that the IDF fully abandoned the Gaza Strip. Now the Gazan Arabs are receiving US government funds. And some people still wonder where Obama stands? Or perhaps sits and points his feet?

Batya said...

exactly, thanks