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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hitler May Have Lost the War, But His Judenrein Policy Lives On

Dry Bones has a brilliant, as usual, post about Hitler and Nazism.  The cartoon is minor in this one.  So read the entire post, please.

It's so totally outrageous and immoral that people all over the world, including Israel, have no problems with the demand that parts of the world including the Jewish National Homeland, the Biblical Land of Israel, be judenrein, cleansed of Jews.  That's racist.  That's immoral.  And that's part of the Nazi ideology.  Connect the dots.


Unknown said...

The pot calling the kettle black. What do you think the Jews have been doing to the Palestinians all these years. Right out of Hitler's playbook.

frog said...

I think it is quite insulting for the real victims of the shoah to compare the nazi anihilation politics with a withdrawal from militarised territory where civilians were not allowed to settle in the first place, according to international law.

Let's get this straight:

Most settlers settle on territory that was allotted by Israeli military authorities on condition that they withdraw whenever those same military authorities ask for it.

I understand that it is hard to build a house on soil you do not own and that can be take from under your feet at any moment (because the investments for building the house are real). I personally would not do it because I think it is a bad deal (what do you do with the house you built once you have to leave? You cannot even sell it).

In my view, all those crocodile tears about moving out are pure hypocrisy: every single one of those settlers knew what the deal was when he decided to settle on the other side of the green line.

However, I do agree with you that it was quite cynical of all those Israeli governments (left and right) that promoted settling to use their own citizens as strategic bargaining chip. This is immoral in my view. So I think that the whole settlement policy was a huge error, from the beginning (and it was launched by left-wing governments).

International law has it's reasons that they do not want civilians to settle in occupied territories: those civilians, in the end, become innocent casualties of the conflict.

I think you were just manipulated by cynic politicians who lead you to believe that it was a good idea to settle there.

On the other hand, you reaped the benefits (cheap housing, near Jerusalem, gorgeous landscape) during all those years, and you knew what you were getting into. Therefore, I would not really pity you if it turned out once that you would have to re-settle inside the green line.

Batya said...

Ranier, obviously you haven't a clue as to the facts on the ground. Arabs move pretty freely and Jews are severely restricted. Security needs are the results of Arab terrorism against Jews.

frog, you've fallen for the myths and lies.

This is my Land. There never was any other independent nation here besides Jewish ones. We have returned and the world will just have to accept it.

frog said...

I have no problem with you living in an independent arab state.

Or with the state you live in being part of Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Frog, likewise, we have no problem with you croaking.

Really, who do you think cares about what you do and don't have problems with.

Batya said...

Thanks, Shy, good to be on the same team. I have no patience for those racist antisemites.

Keli Ata said...

I can't believe people go on a Jewish web site and spew anti Semitism.

Anonymous said...

Keli, welcome to the Internet.

Do you need help finding Jihadists, supremists or perverts on the Web?

Google is your friend.

Open comments are just that.

frog said...

I think the word "antisemite" has a special meaning in your "community". I suppose it means "anyone who does not agree with everything you say".

(I already heard the term used in a similar acception by a devout Lubavitcher who would apply it to anyone who criticized or mocked the Lubavitcher Rebbe (in general, those who criticised or mocked were hareidim of other denominations, since the world at large is not so interested in the theme).

Actually I am a Jew, shomeret shabbat and kashrut.

I was truly interested in finding out what your intentions were. If you had said: the place is so beautiful and has so much religious and historical meaning for us that we want to stay, even in an arab state, I could have taken your reproaches of "Judenreine Zone" seriously.

Turns out this is not the case, so I can't.

Batya said...

frog, beauty has nothing to do with it. Actually I've written about that aspect in many other posts. In this one I wrote: "Jewish National Homeland, the Biblical Land of Israel"

How could it be against the law in New York to deny a Jew the right to buy a house in a specific neighborhood and you want it to be illegal for me to live here in the Jewish Homeland? I don't understand you.

Anonymous said...

"Actually I am a Jew, shomeret shabbat and kashrut".

Very interesting....
What do you read at the end of BIRKAT HAMAZON?????
What do we ask at the end of the seder???

You are not a Jew .

frog said...

If I, as a Jew, go to the US, I cannot just stay there. Why? Because I am no US-citizen and have no green card.
(If you want to read more about the problems this can entail, read this blog (not mine): http://hadassahsabo.wordpress.com/?s=immigration )

So your are entitled to live in the US because you happen to be a US citizen, independently of your religion.

As far as I can tell, every state is sovereign to lay down the rules for acceptance of foreign citizens. So yes, if you are american and israeli and the palestinian state is founded, as decided in November 1947 by UN resolution 181 which was accepted with great festivities and wholeheartedly endorsed by what is now Israel, they might not accept you as a citizen of this state and deny you the equivalent of the green card.

Which is no problem, because anyway you do not want to live in an independent palestinian state. You want to live in Israel.

So the best solution might be to move to a place within the state of Israel...

frog said...

"What do you read at the end of BIRKAT HAMAZON?????"

Honestly, in general I do not read it, I say it by heart.

"naar haiti, gam zakanti we lo raiti zadik neezav ve zaro mevakesh lache, h' oz le amo iten h' yevarech et amo ba shalom."

(Is this now a problem because I cited complete psukim of tehilim in an inconstant medium like the net or isn't it a problem because it is in the wrong script? Or isn't it a problem anyway, because the screen is not like paper? (I wonder that some sites write out the full shem hashem on the net, and then it disappears again).

Some (like chabad) have a minhag to omit these last two verses, and some have a minhag not to say it aloud, because the inyan of "I never saw a Just forsaken or his descendents beg for bread" might be offensive (to descendents of tzadikim who do have to beg for bread or were forsaken, especially in the context of the shoah, I suppose).

"What do we ask at the end of the seder???"

As far as the end of the seder is concerned, I am not aware of any question.

We sing echad me yodea at the end of the seder, and before it "chad gadya) (whch I very childishly illustrate with the voices of the different animals).

If you are referring to "leshanah habaah birushalayim" we say it before the songs.

Anonymous said...

"If you are referring to "leshanah habaah birushalayim" we say it before the songs."

You answered it perfectly !

Next year in Jerusalem !
That is what Batya and other Zionists are doing !
And in the birkat hamazon,"Yerushalaim Habnuia" should stir the same echo in your Jewish Nefesh !

Shabbat Shalom,
Trumpeldor from eurabia


Anonymous said...


May it be God’s will to grant us relief from all care, sorrow and grief on our day of rest, and may God enable us to see Zion comforted, and
Jersualem, the holy city, rebuilt. For it is God who is the master of salvation and comfort

For many,it is not just a wishful thinky but a daily reality !

Anonymous said...

Hitler may have lost the war but kapos still abound.