Thursday, August 5, 2010

Racism Against Whites Is Still Racism

During my recent visit to the states, we were listening to the car radio when we heard the story of a white farmer who had been discriminated against by a black Agriculture official.  Kirk Douglas blogged about it, the Shirley Sherrod case.

People, like Douglas, have automatically supported Sherrod, simply because she's Black, just like they support and voted for Obama.  He has this idea that the United States should officially apologize for slavery.  At the time of slavery it was morally acceptable.  When the morality changed, the US Government changed its policies and laws.  Nothing stays the same.

I have no doubt that Obama would never had been elected if he hadn't looked Black.  There's reverse discrimination, affirmative action etc which attempts to make up for previous wrongs.  In the United States there are different rules and criteria for that large portion, albeit minority, of people considered Black.

I find the NAACP statement about Sherrod very interesting.  When the government and organizations practice reverse discrimination, affirmative action they actually are racist, because they discriminate against others, whites, Jews etc.


yoni said...

do you really think people sided with sherrod "automatically" because she is black? you don't think it was because of her shameful treatement by breitbart and her automatic firing by the racially paranoid obama aministration on the mere whiff of a rumour that she had practiced "reverse racism", in spite of her story actually being AGAINST such practices? i respectfully submit that you're wrong on this, that affirmative action and other forms of "reverse racism" have nothing to do with the case at hand, and anyway, why should we care if america(or kirk douglas, who almost singlehandedly funds aish hatorah) wants to apologise for slavery? it has nothing to do with us. jews are not "white" as you imply, nor should we be siding with people who identify as such as a matter of political principle. the discrimination jews have suffered for not being "white" is a matter of historical record.

just my two cents- my own enviably creamy complexion notwithstanding.:)

yoni said...

also, if as you seem to be claiming obama was elected by(overwhelmingly white) america simply because he's (half) black (i don't agree), that's not racism, reverse or any other kind. that's democracy. and writing as an israeli, who votes for jews because they're jewish and promote jewish agendas, you should be aware of the "glass houses" cliche.

really, i found this whole post disturbing.

Batya said...

yoni, I heard little news when in NY, but the business with that Sherrod was big, going back and forth more according to race than facts.

Douglas has no Jewish descendants, but is now very strongly Jewish and supports Aish, interesting.

Just like those who are in love with the idea of being in love rather than the person, I think that many American voters voted for Obama only because they were excited by his color. He had relatively no experience in any of the fields and positions that would normally be considered requisite for high office.

yoni said...

i don't know if this is what you're implying but i agree that sex appeal had a lot to do with obama's election. i don't have any links but i remember the polls from the time showed that women voters were extremely influential in the elections, and i can't tell you how many women i know in chutz l'aretz who were simply swooning over the guy. i don't think this necessarily had anything to do with his color, though. the point is you're right, it certainly wasn't about his management skills or experience.

Keli Ata said...

Obama has proclaimed himself an expert of sorts on racism just because his mother is white and his father African. Attending Jeremiah Wright's church for years proves that is indeed a racist--against whites.

He is very much Afrocentric.

As far as I am concerned any group can be guilty of racism.

Yet as a police captain told me a while ago, a black person will never be charged with a hate crime. The conversation came up in the context of an elderly Polish American couple brutally beaten to death by a black man.

Keli Ata said...

Obama rose from obscurity with little to no qualifications for the job.He was clearly groomed to run for president for years. Who groomed him???

I doubt sex appeal had anything to do with his success. Liberals loved the idea of an oppressed minority rising to high office and in love with the symbolism of ancestor of slaves becoming president, though none of his distant relatives were slaves.

His political views and policies aside, I can't stand the man. He's about as fake as a $2 bill. He doesn't just stutter, his words sands the teleprompter are robotic. I've yet to hear the great orator people talk about.

And this is a small thing but nags at me--the way he puts his thumb and first finger together when he speaks, as if he is pointing them.

I read somewhere that it's a derogatory hand symbol in some parts of the middle east. Not that I would have knowledge of it, but that symbol just irritates me. He's saying something with it.

I noticed that he even used it in that phone conversation with Bibi. The same picture where Obama points the sole of his shoes forward.

Batya said...

Keli, I agree. I can't see what the attraction is. It's all image, lies.

Claudia1709 said...

Yesterday a black man murdered 8 people at a beer distributorship in CT because they did not treat him well. He was actually taped stealing beer and union and management had called him in to fire him, and did. He was prepared with two hand guns in a lunch bucket. Everyone he killed was white yet the media is focused on him not his victims. Sadly, the media rarely holds blacks accountable, it will be what did everyone do to make him murder all those people. The victims will hardly be looked at. Lets all wring our hands for the poor black guy, he claimed was "mistreated". Even if he was he can not be excused for such behavior.

It really saddens me because I worked in civil rights in college in the early 60's and frankly have a lower opinion of the black community now than I did then. Now I find I have little in common with them, especially after even some conservative blacks voted for Obama because he is black. Now that he is ruining my country they have become contrite but it will take decades to repair his blunders. I also told them & Jewish friends that he would turn on Israel and they didn't believe me! And I really hate being right about the latter.

Batya said...

Claudia, this doesn't look good for America. thanks for writing.