Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Was Obama Asked?

I should be out on my morning fitness walk, but stupidly I checked the internet news and discovered that one of the crucial key reasons Israeli soldiers weren't properly prepared for the violence and mercenaries on the Turkish ship was that United States President Obama ordered them to show up equipped for a Purim party with paint guns, rather than armed with the necessary riot control tools.

Now, who was the traitorous incompetent who asked him?  Yes, traitor, because when it comes to national security, no country should have any inside knowledge.  It endangers the State of Israel and the citizens of Israel when foreigners are consulted.

Our most victorious and most successful wars were fought alone.  When we're on our own, G-d's our partner.  When foreigners are brought in G-d moves away.

What successful war or battle or military operation has Obama ever fought?  His only sort of victory has been electoral, and that is not the sort of "expert" we need here.


Anonymous said...

He's made a career out of being a bungler, a strategic idiot, & a traitor to his country.
And everyone knows it so why is this jerk DM?

Batya said...

He is a nightmare in soldiers uniform. All I can think of is Peter's Principle.