Monday, June 7, 2010

Turkey Firmly in Enemy Camp

How long will it take loony-left Israelis like opposition head Tsippi Livni to see the light?  In her knee-jerk "It's Bibi's fault" reaction to the faux-peace passengers on the Godzilla flotilla, she called on Turkey to decide where they stand in terms of Israel. 

Well, I wouldn't want to be on Tsippi's team in orienteering, since she can't read maps or follow directions.  Turkey has been very clear of late that Israel isn't a friend.  They may still like our money and let Israelis spend it there on vacations, but diplomatically Turkey is firmly with our Muslim enemies.

IDF Shayetet was attacked by passengers/mercenaries on that Turkish ship.

Israel made a terrible mistake by releasing them.

We must reject all of the foreign pressure to let others supervise our security.  Yes, what happens in Gaza seriously affects Israel's security, and no country in the world really cares about what happens to us.  No independent country trusts others to defend it.


Sharon said...

You're right. Turkey has indeed already changed camps. It's off to Camp Syria and Camp Iran. I guess it had enough of the Israeli Camp's kumsitzes.

Batya said...

Or Israeli tourists didn't tip as much or the Muslims put pressure on them and they decided that it was "an offer they couldn't refuse."