Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why? "Israel awaiting U.S. green light for internal Gaza flotilla probe"

How embarrassing?

No normal, self-respecting independent country would await approval.

No normal self-respecting country would care what others think when defending itself.  I heard things on the news last night and thought my mind was playing tricks.

I'm so tired of blogging about this topic, but it never goes away.  There's something dangerously f'kokd in the Israeli psyche.  How long will it take, how many generations, centuries until we're ready for true independence?  

The problem isn't new.  Learn the Bible and you'll see.  Start with the Exodus from Egypt.  We were a short distance from our goal, the HolyLand when a representative of each of the twelve tribes were sent for a quick tour.  Instead of just reporting what they saw, they added the "but."  
"But the locals are too powerful; we were scared.  We can't defeat them."

Ten versus two and the people believed the ten, so G-d punished them by adding another thirty-nine years to the trek until a new generation could enter the Land.  Then it took close to four hundred years, ten times as long as the trek/wandering for the people to finally have a strong king, King David.

Now we're over a hundred years of modern Zionism and just over sixty years of the State of Israel.  That's "small potatoes" in comparison.  We must keep going and some day...


Unknown said...

Reading the story, implies that they will be putting Justice Goldstone or Noam Chomsky on the panel. They will not be asking questions of the soldiers who had to defend themselves with paint ball guns and they will be "investigating" whether or not it is "legal" for Israel to attempt to defend itself and prevent Hamas from getting more weapons.

Batya said...

I don't trust it.