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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Song of The Week: We Con The World

I woke up to find tons of emails telling me to check out:

Youtube isn't the only game in town!

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

I'm glad that some of the greatest minds on Israel's Right, like Karni Eldad and Caroline Glick are involved with this production. Also Barry Silverberg!

I don't usually post what everybody else is, but I consider this not only a public service but a piece of art and proof that culture and artistic talent can be found in people with intelligence and common sense.


Joy S said...

but why is YT stopping the counter on this video? one wonders.

Batya said...

International Leftist conspiracy, obviously. I also wonderred how the count could be so low when so many people were distributing the link.

Keli Ata said...

More than one person has reposted the video. Probably download it to their computers and posted it as their own.

There's also a version in Hebrew.

Great and truth satire.

I found out about it from the ZOA.

Keli Ata said...

I hope the video goes viral!

Batya said...

Going viral is up to us all.

Batya said...

Keli, it has gone viral. Over half a million since Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

If you count both the Hebrew and English versions of the videos, there at the 1.1 million view mark on YouTube.

Here's Latma's YT page.

Latma's latest update also has the clip incorporated into it.

Batya said...

That's great.

yitz said...

Latma itself has 6 versions, if you add them up they've had over 2 million views in 3 days! And there are numerous duplicates out there, it's probably around 2.5-3 million altogether. Kol HaKavod to Latma!

Batya said...

Really great!!