Monday, June 28, 2010

Israeli Left, "Chareidim" To Their Cause

IMRA just publicized the Sarid poll which amazed me with the consistency of the numbers of supporters for the Kadima party.  It is Israel's Leftist party masquerading as "center."  It makes them feel better to call themselves "center" to give the impression that there's a strong consensus for their ideology.

The purpose of the poll was to see how former-MK Aryeh Deri would be received by the public if he was to start a new political party.

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Sarid Poll: Deri party would get 7 seats
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date 27 June 2010

Israel Television Channel 2 broadcast the following Sarid Institute poll result on 22 June:

If elections held today (expressed in Knesset seats)
Current Knesset seats in [brackets].
-- 07 00 [--] Party headed by Arieh Deri
33 31 28 [27] Likud
28 27 29 [28] Kadima
12 12 13 [15] Yisrael Beiteinu
10 08 09 [11] Shas
08 0808 [13] Labor

Too bad that the rest of the results weren't publicized.  I'm curious to see whom the Yisrael Beiteinu voters are now supporting.  Many of the votes they received in the last elections were last minute decisions.  This press release doesn't show the nationalist, religious or chareidi parties.

What is the Sarid Institute trying to hide?


Anonymous said...

We are a muddled, complacent and stupid nation.

Batya said...

You said it, Shy. But we have to keep chipping away at the rot.