Friday, June 11, 2010

Is The French Judicial More Professional and Objective Than The Israeli?

The Israeli Judicial, especially the higher the courts go, is notoriously Left wing. Judges decide according to their personal understanding of morality rather than strictly according to law.

Recently the French Courts have found against the journalists who promoted the al Dura myth/hoax  that Israel is responsible for the death of an Arab child who may very well be alive.  Here's the story from IMRA's site.

Friday, June 11, 2010
Philippe Karsenty: Another judicial victory on the al Dura battle: the French private TV Canal and found guilty of defamation against me

Philippe Karsenty
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June 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

Two years ago, the private French TV Canal + aired a documentary in support of France 2, France's government-sponsored television station that broadcast the al Dura hoax.

I sued them and the verdict came today: Canal + was found guilty of

This outcome confirms that the French court system is the last great hope for justice in French society today.

The French courts are our only hope for justice to prevail over anti-Semitism.

Notwithstanding my single victory today, the French media continues to broadcast more and more anti-Semitic propaganda, and the French government doesn't seem willing to fight it effectively.

The verdict found that the Canal + news documentary was defamatory and that the journalist who made it wasn't objective, even though he had access to all the necessary information to know the truth about the al Dura hoax.

This documentary had been broadcast intentionally 4 weeks before the verdict on the trial, which I ultimately won, against France 2 on the al Dura hoax. Fortunately, the judges were not influenced by this blatant attempt to sway public opinion against me.

If you can understand French, here are 3 links to watch the slanderous
1st part
2nd part (the section related to the al Dura hoax starts at the 19th minute of this 2nd part and extends to the 3rd one)
3rd part

In case you don't understand French, here are some statements that were made about me in the documentary.
According to this film, I am:
- "faking information";
- "pressuring journalists in order that they self censor themselves";
- "manipulating the information in order to promote extremist
political views without any interest in the truth";
- "using the internet to dupe, falsify facts and to serve a cause and
promote a despicable ideology";
- "using all sorts of strategies and unfair practices to attain my
- "diffusing fake information, fake images and fake documents on the
- "an active member and partisan of an immoderate ideology";
- "forcing journalists to denounce their colleagues";
- "threatening journalists in order to prevent them to reveal some

This court victory is just another step in our journey to keep the press honest. The French media finds every opportunity to paint Israel in a negative light, and even though I prevailed in court, the damage has already been done.

So, my friends, we must remain vigilant, and we must continue to speak out against anti-Semitism and dishonesty in the press.

Warm regards,
Philippe Karsenty


Unknown said...

You said "Is The French Judicial More Professional and Objective Than The Israeli?"

The correct expression is either "French judiciary" or "French judicial system"

Judicial is an adjective and must modify a noun. Judiciary is a noun

Definitions of judicial (adj)
ju·di·cial [ joo dísh'l ] Audio player

1. relating to judges: relating or belonging to a body of judges or to the system that administers justice
2. relating to court judgments: relating to judges in performance of their duties or to judgment in a court of law
3. enforced by law court: enforced or sanctioned by a court of law

Definitions of judiciary (n)
ju·di·ci·ar·y [ joo díshee èrree ] Audio player

1. government branch dispensing justice: the branch of a country's central administration that is concerned with dispensing justice
2. court system: a country's system of law courts
3. judges in general: a country's body of judges

Synonyms: judges, bench, courts, magistrates

Batya said...

Thanks, you're correct.