Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Does The United States Promote Free Movement of Terrorists From Country to Country?

From the professed outrage of Israel's blockade of Arab terror stronghold Gaza by the United States, Obama on down, you'd think that America promotes free movement of terrorists.  In recent years fewer people brush their teeth in airplanes, because their toothpaste tubes are considered too large to be trusted.  Bottles of newly bought water from airport stores are confiscated at the gate forcing passengers to ceaselessly annoy the airplane crews by demanding more water to drink, over and over again.

Considering that I had to stop doing needlepoint when flying, and even the legality of my innocent crochet hook has been questioned, what's so outrageous about Israel inspecting ships loaded with supplies to the terror "entity" adjacent? 

Call us paranoid if you like, but we do have enemies who want to destroy our country and have been practicing by terrorizing our civilians.  And don't forget that armed mercenaries were found on the faux-peace flotilla.  Do Gazans really need those knives?

Strange timing, just a short while ago a couple of fellas from New Jersey were arrested at JFK International Airport before they had a chance "join an Islamic terrorist group in Somalia and plot attacks against American troops abroad..."

That clear hypocrisy, "different rules for different folks" makes it very clear to me that we don't have to pay attention to any foreigners. 

Israel must do what's best for the citizens of Israel, plain and simple. 


Yonatan said...

Of course we must do what is right for us and us alone. We must stop placing reliance on the wisdom of man, we are being placed into more and more situations where there is no correct choice according to today's wisdom. It is not wisdom, it is folly.

You can see clearly what needs to be done in these situations when you place the Torah before you. We KNEW that there was going to be problems on the flotilla. Of course there's no winning according to the way the nations set it up for us. Yet, if we had gone in "heavy" to begin with, we would of had many less of our brothers injured AND less of the enemy killed. They would have been vanquished that much easier. Sure the world would have had plenty of footage for the nightly news, but if you were reading some of the comments on blogs around the world, it really doesn't matter.

Here's the question for all those that are saying that we have to end the blockade on Gaza:
Lets say for arguments sake that we completely lift the blockade and open the borders. No rules. Happy now? So 6 months from now when they begin firing advanced weapons against us, are you going to have the temerity to protest about it when we flatten all of Gaza? What, we don't have the right to protect ourselves? If you answer anything other than "go ahead", you're an anti-semite - end of discussion. SO which do you prefer, stopping the weapons from coming in or complete decimation of the Gazans?

Anonymous said...

damn straight.

Batya said...

Yonatan, a, thanks, spread the word of common sense.