Monday, June 14, 2010

The IDF, Who's the Enemy?

The problem isn't new, not at all.  The dangerously perverse "morality" is getting stronger in the IDF Israel Defense Forces.  We in Shiloh are highly sensitive to it, because one of our own children, Avihu Keinan HaYa"D was killed in a badly planned army action which focused on the safety of enemy Arabs rather than the safety of our soldiers.

Israeli loony-Left thought police are going after IDF officers who dare to voice opinions that sometimes one must use force when interrogating Arab terrorists.

Remember that's why the elite forces which had boarded the Godzilla faux-peace flotilla for a routine inspection were armed with paint guns.  If they had been lesser soldiers or police, they would have been massacred. Defense, war etc aren't children's games.  Gone is the time when chairs were set up to watch battles as if they were sports games with set gentlemanly rules.

The only rule worth following is defeat, destroy your enemy before he destroys you.


Anonymous said...

The Israeli government is the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Shameful, shocking, & most of all, short-sighted & stupid.

Batya said...

Shy, a, how long will it take for them to admit faulty reasoning? Or will they?

Lady-Light said...

I agree: the only answer is defeating the enemy, period.
Unfortunately, I grudgingly agree with Shy Guy, too: the Israeli government seems also to be the enemy.

That's why I'm for Moshe Feiglin for PM.

Batya said...

LL, you started great, but how do you think Feiglin could succeed as PM when he keeps getting whipped by Likud. He certainly has good policy ideas, but that's not enough or I would be Prime Minister.

One needs that charisma, leadership etc

Keli Ata said...

I can't speak about the IDF military strategy but law enforcement 101 is officer safety first.

Civilians second.

Criminals need to be taken out via arrest or violence.

The military could learn a lot from law enforcement agencies.

Batya said...

In Israel, they both follow a sick, perverted priority.