Sunday, June 27, 2010

No, I'm Not Marching For Gilad Shalit

Please don't get me wrong.  I don't want Gilad Shalit to remain imprisoned by Arab terrorists.  I object to the focus on this media-driven campaign.  The Israeli media is doing its best brain-wash the Israeli public and politicians that the entire country blames our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for Shalit's continued imprisonment.

They are wrong on all counts:

  1. Bibi isn't directly responsible for Shalit's imprisonment.
  2. There is no possible "deal" with the terrorists that could free Shalit.
  3. The entire country isn't in favor of offering more and more Arab terrorist prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit. 
  4. My stand is a lot more popular than the Israeli media would allow you to believe.
If the Shalit family and activists want to march to "something" to protest inaction and his continued imprisonment they should focus their anger and pressure on the so-called humanitarian organizations, especially those that aid the Arab terror prisoners in Israel jails.  Yes, including the Red Cross.  These organizations should be told to pack up and only return when they have Gilad Shalit with them, alive and well.

If the Shalit activists would do this then there's a chance that the Israel Government would ban those dangerous hypocrites from operating in Israel.

That's the only way to successfully and safely get Gilad Shalit home to Israel.


Hadassa said...

One can never confuse a leftist with facts and bereaved or distraught parents are some of the best "poster children" in Israel. The voice of reason is rarely heard concerning Gaza, a region of Israel that has been virtually impossible for Jews to control since the time of the Philistines. Whatever happens, we probably won't have full control over that tiny strip of land until the Mashiah comes, may it be soon in our days.

Anonymous said...

the whole shalit thing makes me sick. i dont blame the shalit family for any attempt they make at getting their kid out. they may be pressuring bibi to do what you say, in any case.

Unknown said...

Stupid rubbish. The mechanism is in place to free Shalit: Free the 450 or so Hamas prisoners. Hamas hasn't budged after Cast Lead and the blockade and that's that. Netanyahu and anyone else who insists on a "firm stance" is an imbecile.

Batya said...

Hadassa, so true

a, it's sad. The Left wing media is using them.

Ranier, not so simple. If you were right, Shalit would have been out a long time ago. The Arabs don't want a deal.

Keli Ata said...

Hamas has no intentions of releasing him. Israel could empty every jail and they would still keep him as a bargaining chip.

As long as his captivity is in the public eye he remains of value to them. Too valuable to give up.

Publicity died downs and sadly, so will Gilad.

The only reasonable way to secure his freedom as I see it is to put the screws on Gaza--no services, no humanitarian aid. I believe a firm stance can be effective.

If the above doesn't work invasion and rescue could work. Continued negotiations are like batting windmills all day. The windmill moves but keeps going round and round.

I probably shouldn't bring this up but it's been troubling me--is Gilad even in Gaza? Or has he been whisked away?

How is it that video and audio tapes cannot be traced by an intelligence agency. I find it hard to believe the intelligence community can't locate and release him.

Dark thought but--does the government know where he is but doesn't want to rock the boat so to speak with Hamas? I recall reading an article a while back on A7. A military official said they know where Gilad is.


Shavua tov all

Anonymous said...

Just start summarily executing the jailed illegal combatant Islamic terrorists, say, one every hour, bury them anonymously in pigskins, post each execution's and burial's video immediately on the Internet and tell Hamas that this is now the standard procedure until Shalit is released unharmed or until supplies last, after which Israel will work on restocking the death row cells.


Batya said...

Keli, sadly true
Shy, does Feiglin agree?

Anonymous said...

Batya, you need to keep up with the news. Old stuff already. You'll find the precise answer herein and - no - I did not get the idea from Feiglin. Once upon a time, any simple Jew with seichel would have thought of this right away:

JPost: Likud's far right appeals to Anglos


Why Isn't Gilad Shalit Home Yet?

We Are All Gilad Shalit

Batya said...

Shy, these are all old articles.

Anonymous said...

Batya, you asked and I answered.

Incidentally, very bad news.

Please pray on behalf of David Yosef ben Faigie Pearl, for a refuah shleimah.

Batya said...

רפואה שלימה

in the vanguard said...

Any way you slice it, Israel is so stupidly handling the Galid situation. One of their boys is held captive. He was kidnapped into Gaza, so then all we have to do is stop the supply of electricity to Gaza, stop the water, gas, health supplies, money transfers, etc. until they release him. But no, they continue to behave as nothing happened and just talk, talk and more talk - but nothing to really get the poor soul out. They have leftists running the country and leftists only care about themselves.

Batya said...

100% correct! Between Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert nothing went right for Gilad Shalit.

Anonymous said...

Some relevant facts and figures Ranier's comment seem to ignore:

Israel stands firm: We won't free 'mega-terrorists’ in swap

Unfortunately, we don't have a leadership that will give the enemy hell.

Batya said...

We never had real leadership. Everyone buckles to pressure and trying to be their distorted version of "a king like all other nations."