Friday, June 25, 2010

The More We Apologize, The More We're Blamed

I wish I could just call this: "Paranoids do have enemies," but Israel isn't hyper about fighting back, like any good paranoid would be.  The world would leave us alone if we did.  Nobody wants to trigger a neurotic who punches people out at the hint of an insult.

The State of Israel and most Jews are the opposite, more psychotically driven to apologize and desperate to do anything to gain approval.  And of course we won't get it.  The world gets its kicks from watching us cringe, beg and self-mutilate.

There's lots of cruelty in this world.  Lots of countries, even our big critics are guilty, as you can see in this article by Ben-Dror Yemini featured in Israel Behind the Scenes.  Nobody's going to pick on them, since we're too willing to be victims.


Dixon Webb said...

I was surfing and somehow landed on your name. Musing caught my eye and for no other reason here I am. The middle east is a horrific mess. It's amazing to me that citizens of Israel still go about their business smiling. This in the face of an overwhelming number of Muslims that are systematicaly trying to kill them all. Recently they attempted to breach the Gaza blockade. Tomorrow it will be another test of Israeli resolve. The pressure is relentless and the Islamic enemy is getting stronger. This does not bode well for the future.

America is suffering under a lunatic anti-American government that is attempting to withdraw our decades of support for Israel. These (hopefully temporary) leaders are convinced that the notion of weakness and unwillingness to stand and defend Americas heritage of freedom and it's benefits will make more friends for us around the world. The extrapolate from this failed perspective that all people are one people and borders are no longer necessary. The deduce that individual countries will be better served by an international body of laws rather than the hodgepodge of today.

Personally, I dismiss these social engineering anti-Americans as being terminally wrong and downright moronic - BUT - temporary. What I am musing about is "how are the people of Israel reacting to the illegal, insulting and disastrous withdrawl of American support?


Batya said...

Thanks bump, I appreciate what you wrote. Crazy world we live in.