Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Galilean Resort’s Missionary and Rabbinic Hechsher

Posted by Jewish Israel
In this report, Jewish Israel explores and exposes the evangelizing agenda of certain Christian personalities whose names appear as endorsers on the list which Jewish Israel found in the Advisory Board section of the Galilean website (see previous post).

Jewish Israel continues to alert the Jewish community that these Christian leaders are fully committed in their mission of bringing the gospel of jesus christ to the Jewish people. We hope that Rabbi Riskin and the rest of the Jews involved in this project will take this report into consideration and will bear in mind that their continued theologically–based endeavors with these missionary personalities poses an existential spiritual threat to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel...more

[NOTE:This report is an important follow-up to last week's post on the new Christian resort and spiritual center being established by Anne Ayalon and David Zwebner on the shores of the Kinneret.]


Anonymous said...

Waiting for JS Kern to tell us Jews that we are irrational and delusional on this matter and we should drop everything else in our lives and just concern ourselves with the Islamic enemy...

Keli Ata said...

I have to agree with the opinon that exposing Xtians to the Torah and Judaism for that matter will strength their abilities to trick Jews.

As I noted before: Rabbi Daniel Lapin now has his own television program on TCT, and Rabbi Eckstein has his own show on the same network, which appears separate from the Christian/Jewish organization.

First they use messianic rabbis, now they're using actual rabbis.

I can totally understand the desire to share Judaism with non-Jews. It's beautiful, the depth of Judaism is deeper than anything in xtianity...but xtians are unwilling to give up JC, the trinity and the whole, disgusting "washed in the blood" stuff.

That's the bottom line as I see it.

And speaking from personal experience, anytime I share something about Judaism with non-Jews I always get the "Jesus was a Jew" crap.

I don't know...I guess I came from a different xtian denomination and mindset from other xtians. Though I didn't know any Jews when I
was a non-Jew I would NEVER have thought of mentioning JC.

It would be way too uncomfortable. I can see that when John Hagee has a certain rabbi on his TV show. Rabbi Lapin seems okay with TCT referring to JC and talking about how Jews and xtians both believe in the messiah.