Thursday, June 10, 2010

Helen Thomas, Why Not A Little Further?

By now, Helen Thomas's antisemitic rantings have certainly won her a journalist's nightmare of a "good news/bad news" prize. Good news that the world is quoting her, and the bad news is that her position and "good name" are history.

A more WASPy antisemitic would have continued the trend further and dis-invited Jews from living in America, but Thomas can't risk that.  She's from a Lebanese family and wouldn't want to be sent there because of American xenophobia*.  Her Lebanese grandparents probably grew up with Jews, yes, in Lebanon.

Contrary to Thomas's antisemitic outburst the Jewish diaspora is much larger than central and eastern Europe.  There are and have been vibrant Jewish communities all over the middle-east, Asia, Africa and the Americas.  Genetic research has proven that we're all related, no matter how far flung.

Like playing mathematical games looking for prime numbers, if you keep on sending us Jews "back" we'll end up in Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, where the State of Israel is located.  No other People have a history of an independent state here, only Jews.  Our history book, the Bible, has been recognized for thousands of years as holy by more than just Jews.

*And how can people, from continental North and South America get on that track?  All of those not directly descended from any of the native Indian tribes have histories there much shorter than the Jewish History in the HolyLand.

Helen Thomas and the other hypocrites can rant all they want, but they ought to watch out, because they're opening their very own dangerous Pandora's Box.

At least I'm home here in Shiloh.  I have no doubt that if I could trace my lineage thousands of years back, I'd discover that Shiloh was their hometown, too.


just me said...

Batya, I believe that genetic testing was done on several Native American tribes and it has been found that the Cherokee and another tribe have genetic links to the Jewish people. Even they would be rooted in Israel!

Now how do we get them all to come home?

Batya said...

Yes, I've heard that there are amazing similarities in their religion. If we can't get Torah Jews to come home, how will we get those who are further afield?

yitz said...

Somebody named Mary on a blog called "Freedom Eden" posted Jay Leno's take on Thomas. Worth seeing, here it is:
"Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Leno: Helen Thomas
JAY LENO: Eighty-nine-year-old White House reporter Helen Thomas is retiring. Let me be the first to say, 'Mazel tov.'
Well, do you know about this? She's retiring after making some quite controversial comments about Israel. She said Jews should leave the Middle East and go back to where they came from. The problem is that's where they came from. It's the Middle East, OK? It's in a book. It's called the Bible, and a great movie, too.

Also, here's a Great Headline, found at "Maggie's Notebook":
"Helen Thomas Officially a White House Press Corpse:
The Land Belongs to Israel."

yitz said...

Another great piece, response to Thomas' outrageous remarks:

na said...

I'm sure to barack husein O. it comes as no surprise. He must have heard similar comments made by his pastor for a considerable number of past years.

Batya said...

thanks, yitz
na, bho doesn't care about the truth; he has an agenda and hope.

Keli Ata said...

Someone should throw the sea hag er Helen Thomas overboard.

Thank G-d she's retiring.

Anonymous said...

Keli, haven't we suffered enough with the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?

Unless, of course, you're suggesting that they use Thomas to plug the hole?


Batya, we need to start an international petition to stop displaying pictures of Helen Thomas on the Internet without first posting an advisory warning. It's a health hazard looking at that punim.

Batya said...

Keli, I think the proper grammar is that She has been retired or was forced to retire, since it wasn't her plan at the time.

Shy, she looks so evil, I think the pictures just reinforce what her words say.