Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Gaza Terrorists Bombard Israelis in Northern Negev," So, Nu?

Gaza Terrorists Bombard Israelis in Northern Negev
Gaza terrorists unleashed a barrage of mortar shells at Israeli towns in the northern Negev on Thursday. At least 12 shells were fired over the course of the afternoon and evening.

9 mortars, rockets fired from Gaza
Palestinians fire rockets at Israel through the day...

Rocket explodes in south; none injured
Rockets continue to fall on Gaza-vicinity communities. A Qassam rocket exploded near a kibbutz north of the Gaza Strip Thursday evening, shortly after two mortar shells ...

I checked a number of foreign news sites and didn't find a mention of the attacks on Israel by the Arab terrorists in Gaza.  Does that mean that it never happened?  Sort of like that philosophical question about hearing a tree fall in a forest empty of humans.  If the international news services don't publicize that Arab terrorists fired rockets on southern Israel, and nobody hears, does it mean that it never happened?

We know it happened.  The Israeli Government certainly knows, so, nu, what will the government do?  These attacks won't stop unless we stop them.  Ignoring them won't help.  It's like the post-World War II "new" child psychology which claimed that children are so inherently good, if you don't punish them, they'll turn out just ducky.  The theory may have worked with some kids, but it certainly doesn't work with terrorists.

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