Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama, Searching for The Perfect Teleprompter

Perfectly pictured. 

I find it very encouraging to discover that U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's popularity is sinking.  It reinforces my faith in humanity it basic human intelligence.

I wish I could draw. 


Keli Ata said...

Obama's falling about at the seems with just about everybody. LIberals are made that he promised to end the war and now we're fighting in two wars.

Conservatives are livid about what he's done to the economy and bailouts to Wall Street.

He's an all around loser. No matter what he says in the next election nobody will believe him.

You can only straddle the fence for so long before liberals and conservatives get disgusted.

Batya said...

the problem is that a large percent of his supporters aren't of the thinking type. they blindly believe.