Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was This A Set Up By The Bushies?

When Sarah Palin was drafted into the Presidential Campaign she wasn't all that prepared. She was postpartum, though never took a maternity leave, and she has a husband and four other kids besides the new baby.

The campaign has taken over her life, including buying her clothes and combing her hair. And this is the same lady who didn't move her family into the Governor's Mansion, nor use an official driver.

The staff, a lot tougher than the "Yes, Minister" one provided everything, and a lot of that everything is setting Palin up for disaster. Her outfits each now cost enough to feed a family for a month. Her hairdresser gets more money than you'd like to imagine.

The "coaches" have made her wary and lose that spontaneity. All this is costing even more in support from the voters.

And now they're getting nervous, because she doesn't trust them. She's starting to go back to being herself.

If McCain loses, she can be blamed. Is that what it's all about?


Hadassa DeYoung said...

Shalom Batya!

This is a quote from Nicole Wallace from the "she doesn't trust them" link:

"I am in awe of [Palin's] strength under constant fire by the media," she said in an e-mail. "If someone wants to throw me under the bus, my personal belief is that the most graceful thing to do is to lie there."

What kind of a statement is that for a supposed right-winger to make?

I haven't been following the campaign very closely so I'm not going to give an opinion on "what it's all about".

I'm not voting either. I agree with you about not voting. In my opinion Velvel's comment on that blog (about having the right and basically the obligation to vote) was according to American law and not to Tora law.


Batya said...

Hadassa, I don't see Palin as staying under a bus, unless she's fixing it. She probably kicks off her blankets. She's hyper.

And I'm glad you agree with me re: US voting.