Friday, October 3, 2008

Before We Choke On The Tar and Feathers

Let's sue them!

I'm no faux christian, no serving other cheeks for me! I'm sick and tired of being maligned--that's being lied about!

Now long after the name "Arlosoroff" has meant nothing to Israelis, and the Rabin Roads are potholed, the media is full of the Sternhell festival, to besmirch the name of anyone who isn't a follower/supporter of the extreme Left. Of course, those who say: "Ouch" are condemned.

That Prof. Sternhell has a hell of a way with words, and he has been given more time in the Israeli media than the Moshiach would be given and the Opposition Leader is given. His incitement against all Jews in Judea and Samaria predate his recent attack. Sternhell blames us and accuses us all of endangering the State of Israel and recommends tough measures against us. He has no proof; we just don't agree with his philosophy. That doesn't make us criminals. His words are the illegal ones, and I'm glad that The Land of Israel Task Force is suing him.

Another prominent Israeli who should be sued is Majr-Gen Gadi Shamni. Thanks to Hadassa DeYoung for sending me the article. Shamni's interview with the BBC is also vicious incitement against the Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Try as they may, the tar and feathers won't stick to me and my neighbors. Sternhell, Shamni, the Israeli media, politicians and fellow travelers will end up choking on the tar and feathers.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach

May you have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat


Hadassa DeYoung said...

The interview was actually with Ha'aretz, but Maj. Gen Shamni had to know that the international media would be more than happy to pick up the story.
My husband (that's his name on the address) reminded me that the interview had to be conducted with the permission and probably at the request of the Israeli government.
I've been reminiscing about the events of eight years ago, when the IDF soldiers in Gush Katif were finally given authorization to do what they were trained to do: fight Arab terrorists. It's hard for some to believe, but there was a time when every Jew in the Gaza Strip, in uniform or not, was on the same side of the battle line.
Shavua Tov,

Batya said...

Hadassa, thanks for the correction. And thanks for the good points.
I guess Shamni was just "following orders."

Rebecca said...

A House Of Cards


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