Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tsippi Points Fingers

Considering that Tsippi comes from such dedicated Revisionist stock it's surprising to see her so friendly with Add ImagePeres.
Her "I give up speech," proclaiming that there must be new elections, was of the "it's all his (Shas's) fault" genre.
She claims to have offered "everything plus," but those selfish chareidim wanted to bankrupt the future of our country.
Of course, the only people endangering the future of the State of Israel are her boss/mentor Olmert and all their Loony-Left friends who have offered our precious Land to the Arab terrorist enemy who has vowed to destroy us.
If this was a normal country, they'd all be jailed. Can you imagine, NYC's Mike Bloomberg offering to sell Staten Island to Saudi Arabia? Of course Obama would probably like the idea of returning Alaska to Russia, and include its governor as a bonus.
Seriously, didn't Great Britain go to war a few years ago for some island near Argentina? What country self-amputates in sedicious suicide?
Yes, there's something very sick going on here. Unfortunately, it'll probably get worse before it gets better, like a natural health "healing crisis."

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