Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The US Media Conspires For Obama

This may sound very convincing:

Obama extends lead in CBS-NYT national poll

Four of five of each candidate's supporters say their minds are made up and won't change before the election. About a fifth of voters, 21 percent, say their opinion of McCain has grown worse in the last few weeks, citing his negative attacks and choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. (complete article here)

There's a major flaw. The actual election results aren't computed nationally. The US has what it calls the Electoral College, a district system which can totally distort the results. But the media is hyping the various polls to undermine McCain support and beef up Obama.

Why Obama? Good question.

There are some real questions about Obama that the media is purposely ignoring.

There's a good chance that a little white collar fraud over forty years ago has snow-balled into something much bigger.

Does this short video tell the truth? It may be that Obama barely knows himself?

But actually, there are bigger questions, which concern his relationship with his former fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko.
One of the major questions is who's backing Obama? What's his, or their, real agenda? He has no track record. Connecting the Dots: Obama, Rezko, Auchi, Alsammarae, and the Iraq kleptocracy
I have no doubt that if he wasn't black, he wouldn't have been nominated. There's a novelty, and knee-jerk liberals have made it very pc to support him.
Good luck America! Good luck World!


Daniel said...

a topic going around schul.
If an Arab-American physician who is an abortionist, as well as friend of Arafat( past tense) and Chomsky, were running for president as a Dem, what percent of the Jewish vote would he get?

Batya said...

Good question, but I'm not clear if you have Chomsky as vp or as a second friend.

Daniel said...

second friend

Daniel said...

p.s. Carl gave it as 65%

Batya said...

Davka a lot, because they wouldn't want others to think there's any prejudice.