Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ronald Reagan was Right, Sort Of

The late US President, Ronald Reagan, whose previous profession was acting, used to say that he couldn't imagine how someone without acting skills could be president. In today's America, when people don't have the attention span and patience to listen to deep thoughts and complex ideas, just acting skills aren't enough. Comedy and timing are even more important.

Last night, I caught a bit of McCain's comic speech at the Smith Dinner on TV, and I'm glad to have found it in the New York Times. To be fair, here's the link to Obama's routine. He sounds much less comfortable and natural. His voice isn't as pleasant to listen to. McCain's much better at stand-up.

But I'm really waiting for the clip of the real Sarah Palin on last night's Saturday Night Live. If anyone finds it, please send it, thanks.

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