Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Like A Groomless Wedding

Isn't this what she has always dreamt of and prayed for?

Finally, the big night is approaching. The gown is bought and fitted, the hall is ready, the band is tuning and the food is cooked, but...

...there's no groom.

That's how I feel about the upcoming Israeli elections.

After all my begging for new elections, I'm stuck!

There's nobody to vote for. None of the parties are vying for my vote.

The Likud is offering a "scaled down" Kadima/Labor Pseudistinian State. Don't they realize that you can't be "a little bit pregnant?" It's like a surgeon leaving in some of the cancerous tumor, because he doesn't like to be a "radical."

Zot Shelanu is looking better every minute!


frumhouse said...

Love your analogy!

Batya said...