Friday, October 17, 2008

I Wouldn't Say That Shiloh Is Like New York,

But Shiloh is probably larger and more developed than many of you imagine. The media, and that includes the Israeli media, love to give the impression that we're either like some squatters or scruffy demonstrators or that we've invaded some Arab town.

We're none of the above.

From my house, the hills are mostly empty, just dotted with small Jewish communities. Jews have been back in Shiloh for over thirty years. The scrawny trees and vines we planted decades ago are large and lush. The children of children born and raised in Shiloh now study in the local schools.

We're a twenty-first century community. We communicate on an email list, and the roads are sometimes blocked because of traffic jams.

This was the scene the other day. I filmed it when I was waiting for my neighbor to finish her shopping. My purchases from the greengrocer were in her car, which was locked. I was standing outside with the other grocery items. That other store is more a supermarket than a local grocer. The white truck trying to get up was supposed to deliver more fruit and vegetables. He finally got aggravated and left, so the store owner went after him.

Never dull, but just ordinary excitement, Thank G-d.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach
Have a Peaceful Shabbat and a Joyful Holiday

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