Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is This Good for the Jews?

Well, well. Tzipileh has finally "thrown in the towel," and yes, has announced that she will inform "president" Peres that she cannot form a coalition. New elections here in Israel are almost a certainty, which will probably mean a Likud victory.

According to DEBKA, "After allowing three weeks for another would-prime minister to come forward with 61 Knesset member supporters, the Knesset is dissolved and a general election called, most probably on February 17, 2009."

BUT -- meanwhile, guess who will be in power, till the elected one takes office, maybe in 4-5 months from now? Oh, no! Our "good friend" Ollie Olmert. Oy vey!!!

So, is this good for the Jews or not? Please comment...

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Batya said...

Yitz I'm glad you scooped me on it. I answered your question on my post's comments.