Saturday, October 25, 2008

False gods

The polls are showing that an overwhelmingly high percentage of American Jews are voting for Obama.

That's no surprise. For your typical American Jew, the Democratic Party and FDR are their gods. It doesn't matter that he did nothing for Jews that he he didn't do for any struggling American during the depression. It doesn't matter that he did nothing to stop the Holocaust. The death camps were irrelevant to his battle plans. And it doesn't matter that his Foreign Office, which Harry Truman inherited, was against the establishment of a Jewish State. Even Truman was at best ambivilant. That's why his old Jewish buddy was sent to convince him to change American Foreign Policy.

The highest level of support for Obama according to the poll is among Jews over the age of 55, 74% of which have said they're voting for Obama over 67% of Jews 18 to 34.

Yes, I'm not surprised. They worship the concept of "Liberalism."

But the Jews who worship G-d and keep the laws of Judaism see things very differently:
Not surprisingly, the Jewish vote swings heavily in McCain's favor among the Orthodox. According to the survey, the Arizona senator can count on support from 75 percent of Orthodox Jewish voters.

In my opinion each election must be decided differently. All of the candidates will declaim their support for Israel, but one has to look much deeper and check the records of the candidates.


Anonymous said...

As if worshiping Eretz Yisrael is so much better...

Batya said...

bassie, I honestly don't see your comparisan. And I don't worship Eretz Yisrael, I worship G-d. G-d gave us one piece of Land and ordered us to settle it.