Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veteran Chalutza, Pioneer Arrested

This morning Daniella Weiss, ex-mayor of Kedumim and one of the leaders of the loyalists of Erets Israel was arrested at the entrance to her house in Kedumim when policemen tried to confiscate a car that was parked in her street.

Daniella was brutally arrested and so was another Kedumim lady.During the day other activists of the movement were arrested too. Even Daniella's husband was arrested and released a couple hours later.

for details of the story see arutz 7 news report

Daniella and her friend Shosh were sent overnight to the Neve Tirza prison and tomorrow morning will be brought to court at 10:30 probably to the kfar saba Shalom Court house.

Whoever lives in the area- whoever can come to Court- it is very important to come and show support. Make sure the case will really be brought to Kfar Saba by calling Honenu 1599504020 around 8:30 am .

Protest this insane arrest by calling and faxing the different ministers.
All government ministries can be found here:

We are at the height of a renewed wave of arrests and witch hunt by the fanatical Left against the camp of the lovers of Israel . We will make it clear to them that the more they try to persecute and oppress us, the more we will be determined to fight for Erets Israel .

Nadia Matar, Women in Green

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