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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Fever, More Like Malaria

I remember when elections were fun. Now, they're downright spooky.

American Presidential Elections can be used to set your watches, computers or DVD burners on the TV. Yes, every four years. During previous campaigns, I shrugged off the differences between the candidates as Bobsey Twins or Tweedle Dumb vs Tweedle Dee.

This year, America has a candidate whose story and sudden rise is like the introduction of a Stephen King or John Grisham horror story. What terrifying things will happen to the United States and the world if Obama gets elected? I've put down a number of books, refusing to read further, when it was so obvious to the main character that those "wonderful people" were really dangerous tricksters.

I can't "put down" this "book," since it's no book. It's real life.

My dear friend, Chava Willig Levy, best known for her warm, personal, overcoming and thriving articles, has written a very complete expose` on Obama. I highly recommend that you read it.

And here in Israel, after over two years of demanding new elections, we got what we asked for, but there's no one to vote for. The NU/NRP, which got my vote last time, is now talking about changing its name to a more marketable one.

Dumbbells, they were supposed to be doing all that in between elections. They should have been campaigning all the time, not just during official pre-election time. Before the previous elections, I tried to get involved, but the old NRP losers dominated everything and wasn't interested.

The Left understands that there is never a break between campaigns. Every minute must be utilized to hammer your point in various ways. Hammering isn't always with a sledge hammer. When done all the time, you need delicate taps, and that way the message goes in gently and pleasantly.

So, in the meantime, all I have left to do is to pray. I'll be at Tel Shiloh this morning, G-d willing.

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