Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gaydamak--Not For My Jerusalem

I wasn't very surprised to read Jerusalem: Arab candidate joins Gaydamak . That's because the feature article about Gaydamak which appeared recently in In Jerusalem, described his vision of Jerusalem as an "international city."

"I see it as an international, open and undivided city. Of course it will continue to be a capital for the Jews, but also for all the people in the world."

Unfortunately, I don't have a vote in Jerusalem. I live in Shiloh. I don't think Gaydamak would be a good mayor for Jerusalem.

If you read the article, much too long to be copied here, you'd see more worrying things.

Jerusalem is a Jewish city, open to others, but JEWISH!


aliyah06 said...

I'M not voting for him---most of the voter drives, pampleteering and signs seem to be split between Barkat and Porush.

Batya said...

Barkat has been campaigning since the last time. If I was a Jerusalemite, I'd have a tough time deciding between Barkat a Porush. Neither are my cup of tea. But I can't imagine voting chareidi.