Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If Bibi Thinks Life Is Difficult Now, He's Steering The Country To Tougher Times

Hat tip to IMRA for some of the links.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has taken a wrong turn and is snared in bunch of thorn bushes.  He's pushing us deeper in and blaming the only people who have a chance of getting us out.  Bibi told the "settlement leaders" that things are difficult, but he's making it worse.  We have to pull out of all appease, faux "peace" negotiations and declare that a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state will only further endanger world peace.

Attacking law-abiding patriotic Israelis isn't the way to help the nation.  Only by declaring all of Judea and Samaria officially Israel, annexing it and supporting the building of Jewish homes and communities and cities will we enjoy true peace.  Sorry to sound melodramatic, but we're on our way to -G-d forbid- destruction if Israeli Government policies aren't changed.

Bibi's Likud is no better for the future of the Jewish People and State of Israel than Ariel Sharon's was.  He must recognize the dangers around us.  I'd say that Bibi is having a problem with "reality," locked in his protected world, fed news by his staff.

We must keep up the protests and do what is right!


Anonymous said...

they are not law-abiding if they are building illegal housing. you may not like the law, but it does exist.
if all j-s is incorporated you will have a serious demographic threat on your hands.
i hope you mispelled melodramatic deliberately...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, when you apply the law selectively to suit your political whims, you do not have democracy, you have tyranny and, in fact, lawlessness on the part of the authorities.

Tyranny usually needs to be rebelled against.

Your demographic panic button has long been passe. Read and be humbugged.

In addition, who said anything about granting citizenship to the enemy when Judea and Samaria will be declared sovereign Israeli territory, insh'Allah?

Batya said...

a, thanks for the spellcheck; I was in a big rush and nothing looked right.

thanks, Shy

Anonymous said...

shy, i think your application of the word 'tyranny' to israel is sorely out of place and insulting; if you were not jewish it could be considered anti-semitic.
israel is an amazingly democratic and open society. if you want to see tyranny just look at any of israels neighbors. israel may not be perfect but its pretty damn good.
you dont think there are hundreds of thousands, or at least tens of thousands of palis in j/s? in either case this would be a demographic nightmare.
so basically you want to annex j/s and give none of its arab residents citizenship? now that would be tyrannical.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Tyranny it is for Judea and Samaria residents.

Not granting citizenship to those that seek to destroy you is not tyrannical. Granting citizenship to such barbarians is.

You're upside-down!

Yonatan said...

Anon - why don't you wake up already? The pali's don't want peace - if they did they could have had it already many times. Like it or not, it is not their land. No matter how many times this lie is said, it will never make it true. So they don't want to live peacefully with us, they must leave.

PS - do you think we're going to have a democracy when Moshiach comes?

Anonymous said...

This will either hasten or delay the Mashiach. Take a pick:

Netanyahu Says Nationalists ‘Do Not Live in This World’

This is what happens when Jews become the biggest goyim.

Hey, up there! Can You send down just a little bit more Divine intervention? Pretty please! :(

Anonymous said...

Blogger Yonatan said...

The pali's don't want peace


Just to confirm what we already know:

Poll: Where do PA Arabs See Themselves in the Mideast Turmoil?

Anonymous said...

Let's all remember that the Land that Chavat Gilad is situated on is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Zar Family. That's why it bears the name of their murdered son Gilad, & is headed by another son, Itai & his wife Batzi, who are 2 of the greatest people in Israel - from one who knows them...Yitz of Yerushalayim.

Yonatan said...

Here's a sample of the people you want to extend citizenship to:

Arabs in Yafo Yell ‘Death to Settlers’ at Nationalists’ Rally

Anonymous said...

@anonymous #1

1. the parcel on which the farm stands has been legally bought

2. It is not illegal to the law but to the sasson report
sasson is a ultra leftist lawyer who turned to meretz later
The report states that all outposts build after 2001 are illegal but I repeat this report has no legal value.

anonymous #2 aka trumpeldor