Friday, March 11, 2011

Bibi, "A Man of Principles?" Hah!

According to Haaretz, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to break up the National Union, Ichud Le'umi, by offering cabinet posts to the MK's he considers their "weakest" ideological links.  OK, that's my spin, not Yossi Verter's. 
Netanyahu has been engaged in talks recently with National Union faction chief Yaakov Katz over the prospect of Katz joining the coalition along with party colleagues Uri Ariel and perhaps Aryeh Eldad.

The prime minister did not ask the National Union's fourth MK, Michael Ben Ari, who is identified with the late Meir Kahane's extremist Kach movement, to join the coalition.

Verter gives the Likud line:
A source close to the prime minister said no agreement had yet been struck with the members of the National Union because "Netanyahu is a man of principles."

That gets a big laugh from me, unless you consider personal ambition to be a "principle."

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