Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Time For Israel To Get On The Ball And Roll Back The Movement For Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic Statehood

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For the sake of the security of Jews throughout the world and the survival of the State of Israel we must do everything in our power to not only stop the process of the establishment of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State, but we must roll it back about fifty years and get it off the table and out of the news.

Yes, that does sound impossible, but we have no choice.

There are Jews and Israelis who don't understand the basic history and our rights as Jews for a state in our historic homeland.  They refuse to accept the dangers of an Arab pro-terror state, and there is little I can say to change their minds and make them accept reality.  On occasion, the Arabs, themselves demonstrate their violence and the Israeli police their anti-Jewish bias.

Of the Israelis and Jews all over the world who do understand the dangers to Israel and world Jewry of a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State, most keep lying to themselves that the Arabs will never get their act together to declare a state;  they are very wrong.  The Arabs, aided by diplomatic and media experts, have a time table all set.

It's important to read and listen to what is said among the Arabs, not what their trained and polished spokespeople say to western diplomats and media.  One of Mahmoud Abbas's demands is the release by Israel of all terrorist prisoners, even murderers.  He, who is so respected and trusted as a "moderate" by the United States and Europe etc., is also making every effort to unite with HamasIsrael's threats to "cut ties with PA if Hamas added to unity gov't" are no more than words.  Nobody takes them seriously.

And the Iron Dome isn't a "cure" for the Arab missile and rocket attacks on Israel.  It will only make life more dangerous for us by encouraging the Arab terrorists to keep firing further into the State of Israel.

Just a few short years ago, in a ridiculously dangerous unilateral move, the State of Israel under Likud's Ariel Sharon gave the Hamas terrorists of Gaza all of Gush Katif, aka Disengagement.  All it did, besides turning thousands of law abiding Israeli citizens into homeless refugees, was to encourage Arab terrorism and expand the attacks on Israel.  With that as a precedent, how could anyone with a right mind expect Israel to be safe and survive a  Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State?

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