Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe I'm Stupid

I just can't understand the rationale, the morality, the logic-let's stick with the morality angle- in countries that profess democracy, evolution etc. for bombing, invading, exporting election consultants to help, push dictate to another country a change in regime.

I was never a fan of Ghadafi, no matter how you spell his name.  And I certainly was hoping for a quick end to Saddam Hussein.  But I don't consider invading, bombing, trying to sway their citizens with sophisticated marketing techniques to vote or anoint in whatever way the "leader" the foreign country prefers.  (Oops!  That's an awfully constructed sentence.)

Maybe I sound like a broken record.  Maybe I just sound stupid.  Maybe I am stupid.  I, who was raised in post-World War Two America, who was educated to believe in each people's right of self-determination,  who observed how the well-meant American assistance to non-communist Vietnam became the most hated and reviled war of the twentieth century, can't understand how the United States, even under a Democratic president, is taking part in the attack on Libya. 

Israel was condemned when a known terrorist was killed in Dubai.  I have no idea if the terrorist really was killed by the Mossad, but I do consider that who/whatever did it was a much more moral than all of those countries involved in invading, bombing, trying to influence internal foreign politics etc.

I'm not embarrassed to say that I just don't understand what's going on here.  I don't agree with what the United States and the European allies are doing.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to remind all of you that even though I have a legal right to vote in American Elections I don't, because I live in Israel, not in the United States.  I'll follow that further.  No country or foreign official has the right to instruct Israel in internal matters, and that includes where we build and what's needed for our security.


Gibbo said...

you know, Ive 'secretly' been feeling the same. Somehow something dosent feel right...mmmm and by the way I enjoy your posts and you are NOT stupid!

nanaloshen said...

I'm with you. When I learned Motzei Shabbat that the UN had set up a no-fly zone, I thought, oh please, not again. How selective - help Libya and not help the Congo, right? The biggest joke is that the Arab League asked for it and then complained about it when they got it. Come on Moshiach - end this madness.

Batya said...

Gibbo, thanks so much. I began blogging just because of people like you who would tell me that I put in words and had the guts to publish/post/mail just what they had been thinking.

nanaloshen, yes, exactly.

I do feel much better after reading your comments. Thanks for writing.

Gibbo said...

I live on the Rock of Gibraltar on the tip of Southern Spain opposite Morroco (a stones throw away!)and I thought not only do I have nightmares about tzunamis and geting my throat slit by the local muslim NOW I have to worry about Gadaffi (for goodness sakes is he REALLY a yid!)bombing me for been a British colony in the Med, thanks to mother Britain. I know its all Hashem and I know I can only rely on Him but really its just too much worry for a mum!

Batya said...

Gibbo, that must be a very special place. I doubt if Gadhaffi will get there. But I'm more afraid of the anarchy and terrorism there will be in Libya with foreign policing.