Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Left and Liberal (with a capital L) Blindness

There's one topic in Jewish History that even Israel's most fanatical extremist Leftist Liberals take seriously.  That's the Holocaust.  They even credit it with the establishment of the State of Israel.  By doing that they are denying not only the centrality of the Land of Israel for thousands of years, but they are ignoring all of the hard work of the Zionist Movement.  Even secular Leftist Israelis send their kids to do the "concentration camp-Poland tour" in high school.

So, nu, you'd think they'd take seriously the fact that those Arabs to whom they wish to give our precious Land for an Arab terror state are rabid Holocaust deniers.

The Palestine Media Watch has an expose` on the topic:
The Holocaust "for more than 60 years has aroused... controversy and fabrication," writes PA daily PA media reports opposition to Holocaust education for Palestinian children...
Why don't the Leftists protest?


Hadassa said...

I hope I'm wrong, but I think that there's a trend among some of the Leftist Liberals. The Holocaust is becoming "old". The survivors are rapidly leaving us for Olam HaBa and their descendants are tired of being "the children (or grandchildren) of..." Some of the most radical left-wing Jews are diminishing its horrors and even claiming that the Jews weren't singled out in WWII. Millions of other perished (I used the term on purpose) too, both at the hands of the Nazis, ys"z, and in battle.
If the Holocaust isn't so important then without a belief in the Torah, a Jewish claim to Israel, especially certain parts, is quite often very weak in the eyes of the Left.
One erroneous belief leads to another.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The liberal perspective on the Holocaust is key here. Their narrative, as exemplified in movies like Schindler's List and The Pianist goes as follows:
The Jews were model citizens of Europe when the war started, indistinguishable from their non-Jewish neighours except through religion. Otherwise they had the same Polish/German names as their Polish/German neighbours, were involved in the same jobs and politics, etc.
Suddenly Hitler, y"sh, showed up and singled them out for no good reason other than they were Jewish. There is no explanation for this and no attempts will be tolerated.
As a result, any victimized people is the equivalent of the Jews of Europe during the war and need our sympathy... even if they're trying to kill us.

Batya said...

Hadassa, good point. I was too tired tonight to go into the "universalist" theory of the Holocaust. And Yad Veshem uses the word "perish." The Jews "perished," instead of saying that Nazis murdered the Jews. It's one of my pet peeves.

Mighty, they're "Liberal" with a captital "L," not with a small.

It sounds so Purim and Haman-like.

Hadassa said...

And here's an example:

נחום said...

Let me give you an insight of the Liberal mind (I consider myself a Liberal - althought many of my former fellow travellers have excommunicated me).
To the Liberals, the only teaching from the Holocaust is: "never again - to any human being". But it's wrong - it has happened and is happening again (former Yugoslavia, for example). Of course there are significant differences between former Yugoslavia and the Holocaust; which has been hundred times more horrendous. But this is history, and the Liberal lives for politics, so he tends to forget history.
The greatest Liberal fear is to end up in proximity to those who say: "never again - to the Jews". Thus, any intellectual gimnick is allowed: especially the plethora of post-everything.

Batya said...

Hadassa, the guy is nuts.
נחום thanks for the input