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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama's Very Own Iraq Vietnam

How did U. S. President Obama and crew decide to interfere in internal Libyan affairs?  My gut feeling is that by taking military action the Americans will just get mired, snared and they won't help the ordinary Libyan citizen.

When the American government decided on a military action in Iraq to capture Saddam Hussein, they thought it would be relatively easy and make them look like defenders of democracy, heros.  When I think of the thousands of Iraqis they killed so that Saddam Hussein could be given a proper trial, something seems a bit fokokt in their reasoning.  Did the Americans give proper trials to all those Iraqis?  No, many of those Iraqis just had the unfortunate luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

So, what's going to happen in Libya?  Will it be any better?

The American military is still in Iraq.  Isn't it?  Terrorism continues. Didn't Obama campaign against The United States military in Iraq?  So why is he willing to fight Gadhafi in Libya?  It makes no sense to me at all.

Decades ago the United States entered Vietnam in an even less military way, and it escalated, eventually destroying lives, reputations and political careers.

But here in Israel, Shiloh, Israel to be exact, I'm happy that Obama is distracted.  Maybe he'll leave us alone.


Moriah said...

How did U. S. President Obama and crew decide to interfere in internal Libyan affairs?

Isn't Hashem master of wars?

Another good reason ultimately for us to have refrained from this is because once it's over the Libyans will not be a greater friend or ally then the Iraqis are. Once we're done we will merely have another Jew-hating, America -hating Muslim nation to contend with. It's like training and arming the Taliban when they were fighting Russia. We're on the greatest of terms now ;-)

Batya said...

Moriah, man has free will; that's why we're punished for our sins. Would Obama have supported such a policy if he hadn't been President? I guess the U.S. Presidents are starting to suffer from the same syndrome our Israeli Prime Ministers suffer from.

Moriah said...

"Would Obama have supported such a policy if he hadn't been President?"

No. He's under pressure and even making his good friends very angry. They're resorting to threats.


Batya said...

Moriah, it just proves how weak he is. And it shows that if Israel says no firmly, he'll find some other country to boss around.

Anonymous said...

Very few Iraqi civilians were killed by the Americans; most of the dead Iraqi civilians were killed over the years by Muslim suicide bombers, etc. Other than that, great post as usual.

Batya said...

If I'm not mistaken, 2,000 were killed in Iraq. Terrorism hasn't ended, and there's no sign that the new American backed government is doing well. In the end, there will just be another dictator, whether elected or by militaru means. That's how it will be in all the Arab countries. The people must change first, and that takes a long time.

Moriah said...

All this talk of Democracy in the middle east. There's no such thing -- and never will be. One tyrant after another rules for as long as he can. So you're right. Why are we helping? Why are we still in Afghanistan where Afghani soldiers shoot American soldiers in the back whenever they get the chance?

Batya said...

Meglomania; they want to be saviors. A society must evolve and change to be democratic. Foreigners can't just invade and demand it. Invading, foreign invasions aren't democratic, are they?

Atlanta Roofing said...

There are a number of considerations why you wouldn’t see the large protest against involvement in Libya. First, perhaps the lack of protest is indicative that the polls cited are incorrect. Or maybe not, but something to consider, given that several polls indicate otherwise or opinions changed once it started.

Batya said...

Could it be that since those who would normally protest such U.S. actions are rabid, religious, dedicated, unquestioning Obama supporters and they feel paralyzed from shock?