Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's No Joke, Police Brutality in Israel Against Jews

Hat tip for the video: Shy Guy

Yes, this video above is a joke, but the police attack this week on civilians at Chavat Gilad was no joke and certainly no joking matter.

For many of us, Amona is the rallying cry to remember the horrible police brutality.  My students told me horrendous stories of being beaten in the most sensitive parts of their bodies and seeing their rabbis being thrown out of windows by the police and soldiers who came to destroy Jewish homes and terrorize the protestors.

Now Chavat Gilad has joined the list of places where the police used totally uncalled for brutality against innocent civilians. Some of the residents were asleep in their beds when arrested and handcuffed for "disturbing the peace."

The police arrived armed with dangerous riot control weapons they wouldn't dare use against Arab civilians, but there are no international bodies to protect and defend Jews.


Anonymous said...

Just a personal disclaimer: it was not my intent that the comical video link I sent to Batya would wind up being associated with an article about the Israeli Stasi forces.

They just don't belong together.

Batya said...

Shy, I hope you're not angry. I'm angry that there has been no large international and Israeli and Jewish protest about the brutality against Jews. Does the world think it a joke?

Anonymous said...

Not angry but IMO the 2 don't go together.

Forget about the world. Israelis need to be angry. But we're asleep.

Batya said...

Shy, I couldn't post the video alone. I find it offensive that some people think police brutality is a joke. But on a certain level the fear the targets show and the fact that many react by dropping their flags is important.
Juxtapose it to those who were handcuffed while still sleeping. Did they think it a joke at first?

Anonymous said...

i wonder if there are 2 sides to this. were the settlers aggressive in any way?
it is clear that they were settling there illegally.

Anonymous said...

This article "Zionism", woke me up to the troubles facing the Jews in Israel. Nothing has changed since the founding of the State of Israel. I'm sorry for my brethren there.

Batya said...

a1, were they "disturbing the peace" by snoring?
a2, exactly