Monday, March 28, 2011

The Hypocrisy of a Judenrein (Empty of Jews) State

I've written about the international adoption of the Nazi policy of cleansing an area or state of Jews, making it judenrien, many times.  This totally immoral racist policy is the linchpin of the ideology, ironically supported by many Jews, proposing the establishment of a Pseudostian aka Palestinian sic State.  Israpundit has posted an excellent article on the same theme as I've written:
The West supports a Judenrein Palestine
by Matthew M. Hausman, AMERICAN THINKER
I recommend reading it.


Inkblot said...

I completely agree with you: the settlements should stay where they are and the settlers should stay where they. They can live as foreign citizens in a palestinian state. This would be good for the economic dynamic of the new state, since they would pay taxes and provide employment.

However, I doubt the settlers would feel safe as soon as the heavy military & security forces that protect them now are withdrawn.

What's your opinion? Would you stay in a palestinian state? Which citizenship would you adopt - keep Israeli or become a palestinina national?

Batya said...

Please think about it. Do murderers deserve a state which aims to destroy another one?
The Jewish history is thousands of years old. We're the only people that had an independent country in this Land. The arabs are the usurpers.

Inkblot said...

Weelll my dear,

how do you know the "arabs" are not really the descendents of the jews who lived there 2000 years ago, but converted to islam at some point in history?

This would make this whole fraticidal conflict even more tragic.

But I am a bit disappointed by your reaction. You do not want a "judentrein" palestinian state, and I do completely agree with you, as I expressed in my first comment.

Now it turns out you do not want to grant palestinians a state (as was forseen in the same UN-resolution that allowed the creation of Israel). I suspect you are not ready to grant them any political rights, as is the status quo. This is a wholly different story.

I think it is a slap in the face to those who suffered under "Judenrein" policy and all that went with it to use the term with your political intentions. It is dishonest and hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Inkblot, when you graduate 6th grade history class, get back to us.

Daniel said...


While is is possible that some Arabs of the land of Israel may have Jewish background, this ignores the facts of many documented genocides and colonizations.
the Romans committed genocide twice and instituted massive colonization into the decopalis and Caeseria. The Byzantine - Persian-Arab wars led to deaths and colonizations. The Crusaders, Mongols and Mamlukes caused such population changes and subsequent depopulation by the Ottomans led to people that were not of the native population. Also don't forget the slave trade.
FYI the Jews of Baghdad were not the original Babylonian community as that was exterminated by thenMongols, but was from subsequent settlers from Syria.
If there is some Jewish background in some of the Arabs it is more likely among the xtians as throughout the Middle East they are more authentic than the Muslims.

Inkblot said...

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your thourough response.

To be honest, this question of palestinians having maybe jewish roots has bothered me for some time now, because in the Galuiot, mainly the ruling classes were deported, not so much the "Amey haaretz", the simple peasants.

But I understand well that in 2000 years, so many translocations may have taken place in this territory, that there is no ethnic continuity from ancient Israel to now. It might be worthwhile to investigate the question further trhough gene tests, but as far as I understood they are to developed enough yet to establish clear ethnic belonging.

Batya said...

Ink, there always were Jews living here in the Land of Israel, in many cities besides Jerusalem. Until less than 100 years ago, there was a Jewish community in Gaza.

in the vanguard said...

"Palestinian" state?


Anonymous said...

this whole concept of a Judenrein Palestine violates international law and has its roots in Nazi-ism inspired and based on Haj Amin Al Husseni's pact with Nazi Germany in WWII to "liquidate" Palestine when the Axis power were victorious. There is no political will within Palestinian Society to live side-by-side with Jews! Perhaps there is a political will within Christian Palestinian Society to live side-by-side with Jews, but they are a minority within a majority and undoubtedly identify more as Zionists then as "Palestinians" of Syrian or other origins....