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Monday, March 21, 2011

Will Don "Trump" Palin?

Sarah Palin is now visiting Israel.  Here she's getting some celebrity publicity, though she's losing luster in the American polls.  Being an Israeli, I guess I'm not too up on American politics.  We've been busy with more important things here

I was surprised (though I shouldn't be) to hear that Donald Trump is weighing a run for the United States Presidency.  Running for office is very expensive.  You need a lot of money, so it seems that more and more super-wealthy are going into politics.  New York City has Michael Bloomberg and Jerusalem has Nir Barkat.

Now that multiple marriages is no longer a problem for presidential candidates, I guess Americans will go for Trump over Palin.

This  should make the upcoming campaign very interesting...

What about a Trump-Palin ticket?


Risa said...

Oy vey1

Anonymous said...

Hello Israel.
Boker Tov, from Australia.
I usually hop on-line and onto Shilo Musing at around this time of the day. I come via Shiratdevorah.
More interesting to me than Palin is how you spent Purim in Shilo?! What a special place Shilo is in our Holy Promised Land.
And what special people you are! G'day from down-under

Anonymous said...

Aussie, they have 2 days of Purim in Shiloh. So you'll have to wait till tonight to get a complete answer.

Batya said...

Risa, politics is sounding more and more like a comic book.

a, I'm glad you visit. This is our 30th year of a 2 day Purim, and I'm starting to feel that anything less is cheap or like fat-free milk. Of course, I'm not the one reading the megillah 4 or more times.

Shy, yes, the house has emptied out. I really ought to doven mincha and say my daily T'hillim...

Robertcw72 said...

Not a chance! Not a prayer. If Rudy couldn't even come close to getting elected, even of G-d came down and told everyone to vote for The Don...he would still lose. And, I am a fairly conservative Republican.

Batya said...

What? Another term for Obama?