Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everyone Needs a "Plan B"

IMRA has a good message here about Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu needing a "Plan B," but he's not the only one.  To many Israeli politicians plan their statements and policies according to what they think will give them headlines, good sound-bytes, but they don't think past that.  They ignore the fact that their words may boomerang, resulting in something they really don't want.  They haven't first come up with all the possible scenarios and options and how to deal with them.

All those politicians, ideologues, diplomats, journalists, etc. ad nauseum who've invented, fantasized a world where there could be a peaceful, declawed, demilitarized, controllable, democratic Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State have never listened to what the Arabs have been saying all along:
The proposal by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a state with provisional borders before the end of this year is completely unacceptable and not open for discussion,” he said.

What is acceptable, he added, “is only a fully sovereign state on land occupied in 1967 as per the national consensus, and in accordance with Arab summit and international resolutions.” (complete text)
I haven't heard any logical response or statements by the Israeli Government, politicians etc.  Their policies are pipe dreams, but dangerous ones.  The proposal for a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State endangers the security, the continued existence of the State of Israel.  This "apple" we're being offered is worse than the one Snow White ate.

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