Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arab Celebrations in Luban, After the Barbaric Murder, Could be Heard in Maale Levona

I spoke to someone who lives in Maale Levona today.  He said that on Friday night, their Shabbat peace and quiet was disturbed by riotous celebrations in the nearby Arab village of Luban.  They couldn't understand what was going on.  It sounded a lot more joyous than the usual weddings.

The next day they found out what had made the local Arabs so happy.  Those Arabs were celebrating the barbaric massacre of five members of the Fogel family of Itamar, the young parents and three of their children.

I'm a pragmatist, a CPA's daughter.  I look at facts.  These Arabs aren't capable of making peace.  They don't want peace. They celebrate and reward murder.  They aren't a nation, a people.  All of those politicians, diplomats, media etc. from all over the world, including Israel, who insist that there must be a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian State sic are really planning the annihilation of the State of Israel.

I'm not interested in being the focus of a Memorial.

Get real.  Read the writing in blood.  It's very clear. 

There can be no peace with these Arabs.


Anonymous said...,7340,L-4040664,00.html

Batya said...

dangerous move, another dumb decision by the Israeli government

Anonymous said...

Hamoko"m yenachem etchem b'toch sh'or aveilei Tzion vi'Yerushalayim...
How evil! How despicable! How barbaric.!!!
I cannot agree with you more, Shilo.
Even in far-flung Australia our heart(s) ache for the pure and holy and innocent Jewish blood spilt by these murderers - a People Of Psycopaths!!!
Hashem Yeracheim!!!

Anonymous said...

We are taught by our Sages that our Matriach Rachel weeps for her children - but Hashem tells her to wipe her tears and to cease from crying, with the Divine Promise of:
"For your children will return to their (G-d given) borders!"

HASHEM! HASHEM! Keil rachum vechanun!

Dear Hashem,
You are All-Merciful and Compassionate!
In the Z'chut of Moshe, our Prophet and Teacher Moses who's birthday & passing we commemorated just recently, (on 7th Ador) and who declared Your 13 Atributes of Mercy, for his sake and for the sake of all our Jewish brethren and all decent human beings, - fulfil your promise to our Matriach Rachel!...

And let there be no more terror and no more bloodshed!!!

from now on let there be only SASSON VE'SIMCHA - GLADNESS AND JOY FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Amen.

Batya said...

amen, thanks

HS said...

"I'm a pragmatist, a CPA's daughter. I look at facts."

Did they check it out? Was this not a coincidence of a celebration going on for another reason?

How did you make sure?

Batya said...

I read a number of references to it, and the weddings are in the summer, not the winter.

in the vanguard said...

Can there be peace with arabs? Does a bear crap in the woods? Both are just as obvious.

Here's my personal take of this creature, the way I learn it in Torah:

Tell me if you think I'm wrong.

Batya said...

Van, interesting, I commented on the post there. Thanks.

HS said...

"There can be no peace with arabs"

I suppose this is the prototype of a self-fulfilling prophecy...

Batya said...

HS because they don't want true peace. If you're happy with counterfeit money and rhinestones, that's your problem.

HS said...

Hey, thanks, I learned a new word, rhinestones...

Well: as long as peace is a rhinestone peace, I would take it, as long as hostilities are interrupted, for whatever reason.

Of course, you are right that there might be a risk of the peace not being real and being used for armament.

In my view, this is risk we must live with, I don't know how to prevent that.

In this sense, open agression could be viewed as more harmless than patient armament behind a screen of peace.

On the other hand: I think that both sides have a lot to gain through peace. So I hope that once the palestinians have tasted peace and the prosperity that could come with it, they will not want to go back to war.

I think that slowly, slowly, they are starting to understand that their leades hide their own shortcomings behind the "war" with Israel, and I hope that they will aks their leaders to take responsibility and to be proper leaders, who give them an infrastructures, a thriving economy, fullfill their daily needs rather than putting them off with aggressive slogans about martyrs and liberation.
I have the impression that this is what the PA tried to do over the past few yers.

Fayyad seems to be the key exponent of this pragmatic approach.He condemned the Itamar assassination.
A few months ago, he said he would welcome the settlers to stay where they are. I think that this makes sense, economically speaking. They could be a positive economic factor for a budding palestinian state.

in the vanguard said...

HS - You are willing to live a temporary peace, fine, but don't expect people who want a permanent solution, so that Itamar tragedies don't keep happening. If rhinestones are good enough for you, then so is a country that isn't yours.

There are no "both sides" in this interaction. There's people who yearn for peace, so they can raise their children without worrying that they will lose them to barbarians later; and then there's a subhuman culture that teaches its children to hate and kill, no matter what a "Fayaad" or "Mohammed" or "Hussein" says. They have a religion that lies in your face so don't take their words as reflective of motives.

As for your assessment that " They could be a positive economic factor for a budding palestinian state," what does the Gaza Strip look like to you? Some people are just blind or choose to be.

Batya said...

Van, good rebuttal.

HS, the key to your totally incorrect assessment is the repetition of "I think..."
Stop thinking, imagining, fantasizing. Take a good look. You're a dreamer. Keep your rhinestones. They may be flashy, but they sure don't cut glass.

Shosh said...

palestinian terrorism, the savage murders of babies is deemed a "natural reaction" to the "occupation". it is the settlers, perpetrators of the "occupation" who are vilified as the "obstacles to peace."

well, I for one am proud to be an obstacle to peace!!! apparently, I'm not the only one. I put in my order. can't wait to wear my shirt with pride!!!

Batya said...

Where can we buy those shirts?