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Monday, March 14, 2011

Radioactive Ripples

Every little thing we do has some sort of "ripple effect."  That's a reason Jewish Law makes us guard our tongues, שמרית לשון shmirat lashon.  Pandora's Box can't be closed back up.

The ongoing reports and updates of last Friday's earthquake in Japan, the tsunami and now the damage to the nuclear power stations, the resulting radioactive leaks and then the human and economic costs make it clear that this tragedy will be felt for a very long time.  There is no longer a rich benevolent super-power to fund the rebuilding of Japan.

The Fogel-Ben Yishai clan are sitting shiva, observing the seven day mourning period.  You can say that the murder of five family members by Arab terrorists is like the earthquake.  The funeral is like the tsunami.  The shiva is a series of unpredictable aftershocks.  And then, like the radiation which will affect Japan and all who are touched by it for generations, so will this barbaric massacre.  You can't totally cleanse yourself of radiation, and Rav Udi, Ruthie, Elad, Yoav and Hadas Fogel can never be brought back to life.

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